Bled Philosophical Conferences
Bled Philosophical Conferences  1993

Tuesday, 8th of June¸1993

 - 9:30 Peter Gardenfors (Lund): "Inductive inferences in conceptual spaces and in connectionist systems"

 - 11:15 Slavko Brkic (Zadar): "Symbolic components in the logic of theory change"


Wednesday, 9th of June

 - 9:30 Jay Rosenberg (UNC-Chapel Hill): "Something about levels"

 - 11:15 Gerhard Helm (Munich): "Computers can think! A strange proof and its implications"

- 2:15 Mitja Perus (Ljubljana): "Synergetic approach to cognition modelling with neural networks"


Thursday, 10th of June

- 9:30 Olli Koistinen (Turku): "Spinoza on mental causation"

- 11:15 Nenad Miscevic (Rijeka): "Connectionism and epistemic evaluation"

- 2:15 Ullin T. Place (UK): "Unsupervised and supervised learning in neural networks"


Friday, 11th of June

 - 9:30 Terrence Horgan and John Tienson (Memphis State): "A non-classical framework for cognitive science"

 - 11:15 Matjaz Potrc (Ljubljana): "Learning from the phenomenological point of view"

 - 2:15 Snjezana Prijic (Rijeka): "Successfull cognizers"


 Saturday, 12th of June

 - 9:30 Herman Stark (Memphis State): "Connectionism and non-algorithmic rationality"

 - 11:15 John Biro and Kirk Ludwig (Florida): "Conceptual constraints on rationality"

 - 2:15 Ricardo Luccio (Trieste): "Auto-organisation of mental states in perception: connectionism and Höffding's step"


Sunday, 13th of June

 - 9:30 Corliss Swain (St. Olaf): "Explanatory gaps and necessary connections"

 - 11:15 George Pappas (Ohio State): "Experts"


Monday, 14th of June

- 9:30 Ausonio Marras (Western Ontario): "Mental causation and non-reductive materialism"

 - 11:15 Kirk Ludwig (Florida): "Causal relevance and thought content"


Tuesday, 15th of June

 - 9:30- Brian Loar (Southern California)

- 12:30 Georges Rey (Maryland):  Symposium: "Showdown at explanatory gap"


Wednesday, 16th of June

 - 9:30 Kent Bach (San Francisco State): "Conversational impliciture and belief reports"

- 11:15 Andrew Woodfield (Bristol): "Pragmatic explanations of the difference between de re and de dicto concept ascriptions"


Thursday, 17th of June

- 9:30 Olga Markic (Ljubljana): "Representations in connectionism"

 - 11:15 William Ramsey (Notre Dame): "Re-thinking distributed representation"