THING VS. BLOB (an entertaining sketch by Matjaž Potrč)


The Blob: Undulating jello. The main mistake seems to be in taking objects to be the building blocks of the Universe. Jello has engulped them.

A game: thing versus blob.


Blob may not look sympatic. But in the ontological game with the Thing it wins all the scores. Blob is unbeatable! Try to find your own examples in favor of the Thing -- if you can!

And if you dare. Too late, Blob has already munched you. You are Blob, not even this, you are a local congealing in the Blob, so you do not exist.


- Thing: Has an individuality: Highly dubious. Problems with two category substance ontology. The problem is that thing needs the individuality in order to exist at all.

- Blob: It does not need any individuality. It is individuality!

- Winner: Blob.


- Thing: If things exist, then they are many individuals (dubious from the above mentioned point of view). So they are not parsimonious at all.

- Blob: Cannot be more parsimonious, because it is the only existent.

- Winner: Blob.


- Thing: Not posited by the science.

- Blob: Posited by science, because Blob = spatio-temporal field, the curvature of space-time.

- Winner: Blob.


- Thing: Does not exist. If it would exist, it would have been composed. But it is not composed of parts. Because there are not any parts.

- Blob: Exists. It is the Real Thing, baby!

- Winner: Blob.


- Thing: Not too pretty, but not ultimately ugly either.

- Blob: Wins on this score, with the exception of local mountain sunsets.

- Q: Gunk beats the Blob. It is sooo sticky and ugly!

- A: Well, the only thing is that gunk is Blob.


Try to propose your own challenges! See other web sites with Thing and Blob on them! Is net a Thing? Nay, it is a Blob!