"Thoughts are like galaxys. They gather and gather, to vanish in nothing again." Peter Rau, Ljubljana 1987
architect, adviser


I was studying architecture on Faculty of Architecture, in Ljubljana, where I pleaded my diploma thesis RELATION OF HUMAN BEING, TIME AND SPACE IN ARCHITECTURE. At the same time I was visiting spiritual College for two years in Ljubljana and for one year I was studying painting on Academy for fine arts in Ljubljana.

From 1986 to 1994 I written: Discussion about Monada, Discussion about organization the Prešern square in Ljubljana, Discussion about Ljubljana and its regulation, Discussion about organizing Slovenian square in Ljubljana. I co operated for five years in action named: LIVING WITH COUNTRYSIDE, where I estimated Slovenian houses on countryside. I planed some architectural solutions for renovate and new individual houses. Since 1993 I am interested in development of CAD technology. In year 2000 I co operated in project group. We designed EXPERT SYSTEM FOR ARCHITECTURAL REGISTER - esai2000® for historical heart of town Koper.

I work on a Secondary school of design and photography in Ljubljana since 1992. I have also done lots of designing projects. In year 1995 I attended international summer school in Rovaniemi in Finland. Title of the summer school was THE RIVER. Next year I worked on international summer school NATURA DESIGN, which was in Slovenija. I cooperated by arrangement of exhibition by 50th anniversary of Secondary school of design and photography. In year 1995 I designed Križevniški stol - chair, in year 1996 Trentarski stol - chair and in year 1997 I designed interior of travel agency APOLON from Ljubljana. From 1995 to 1998 I co designed exhibitions: 100th anniversary of ethnology in Slovenia, exhibitions Domesticated light and other.

In teaching technical theoretical subjects on Secondary school of design and photography, Ljubljana: PRESENTABLE TEHNIQES, DRAWING and INDUSTRY DESIGN, since year 2000 I am also teaching DWELLING CULTURE on ART GYMNASIUM. In year 1997 I began to accompanied project Ro. In year 1998 I gained name APPLICATOR. In year 2000 I gained technical name adviser. In year 2003 I gained name MULTIPLICATOR ZRSŠ. Last two year I guide the team for school publication. I translated with co-workers Curriculum and Instructor's Guide for 3-D NURBS modeling. By work in class I am developing pedagogical approach, which based on primary principles of development exploring work and creativity.

Peter Rau