Our only museum is old school in the old part of ziri. Two years ago they  began to renovate it. So it will look like the original. In it they will exhibit our old craft- shoemaking and lace-making.



Lacemaking has the longest tradition beside shoemaking in Žiri. This year we will  be celebrating  100th year of lacemaking  school.  About 100 students are attending the lacemaking  school at the moment in our school, there are also many boys among them.



The majority of inhabitants are employed in a shoe factory Alpina. Shoemaking is one of traditions in our country. First there were individual shoemakers tradesmen. The workers in the Alpina factory have been producing skishoes, cross country skishoes, mountaineering shoes and fashion footwear for more than 50 years successfully now.

Katja Stanonik, Katja Filipič, Tina Žakelj


The town of Žiri is a basin, surrounded  with many hills. The height above the sea level  is 481 m. It is geometrically very small town in the west of Slovenia. Žiri  has got the name  by the beech crops (beech mast). Town is located in Gorenjska which is the biggest and most beautiful natural place of Slovenia and contains 18 smallest settlements .

Our small town is located on the contact of the three Slovenian provinces: Gorenjska, Notranjska and Primorska.

Two rivers are runningrun through the town: the Račeva and the Sora. The most popular hill for  walking is Javorč. About 5 km from Žiri there are Matjaževe Kamre.  We  also have the Račeva lake.  We can go skiing  to Goropeke hill.
Žiri is a really  beautiful place and we are very proud of living here.

Come and visit us


Gal Povšič,Urban Mlakar and Blaž Podobnik



Some well known residents of our town


Anton Jobst was born 12.9.1894. He was teacher of music at school in Ziri. He lead singing choir
and church choir. He played church organ. When the first world war started Anton finished with his work. After war he’s back in Ziri and continues with his work. He died 11.7.1981 in Ziri.


Leopold Suhodolcan was born in year 1928 in Ziri. He was teacher, headmeaster,
editor magazine Kirurcek and chief editor of Borec in Ljubljana. He wrote a lot of books.


Marko Car was extreme snowboarder and mauntaineer. He died on ice wall during climbing.


Saso Jereb is judoist. He took part in the Olympic games.

  Sergeja Jurca, Neža Lazar


In Ziri we have one central church- the biggest church. This is the church st. Martin. It was built on eleventh of  November, 1912 in neoromantic style. The church has two towers with two balls. The high altar with the statue of st. Stefan and st. Andrej was created by Ivan Pengov from Ljubljana. The church has relief stations, mosaic st.Martin from 1913 and beautiful pulpit. In the church is a church organ with more than 3000 organ pipes.


Jerca Kopač, Neža Gartner, Tia Ževart


Sports and activities in Ziri:





Sports institutions in Ziri:

- playgrounds
- gymhall
- sports hall

We are missing one big gymhall, a swimming pool and fitness.

 Luka Oblak, Aljoša Gantar

   -ski jumping


 Stari dedje so pravili, da na naši vzpetini živi zmaj po imenu Lintvern.
Rekli so, da pride vsako leto ven strašit.
O tem zmaju je več pravljic.
Povedal vam bom eno.

Zmaj je v resnici začarana princesa.
Če odtrgaš na vzpetini najlepšo rožo,
Se bo zmaj spremenil v najlepšo princeso.


Old man to dedicate are narration, yes  on trimming hill living dragon after name Lintvern.
To speak  that, yes oneself return daily year out to frighten.
The dragon is more fairy tale.
To describe; you bomb one.

 Dragon is in truth enchanted princess.
If to tear on rising ground favourite rose,
It will dragon to change in favourite princess.
Old men told that once upon a time a dragon named

 Lintvern lived here. From time to time he came out of the hill to frighten people.
The dragon was a princess. If you pick up the most beautiful flower on the highest hill, the dragon will change into a beautiful princess.


Jošt Poljanšek, Simon Jereb


Žiri is quite a small city. It has many important institutions. These are: a museum, a cinema, 
a gallery,  health service, a community center, 
a primary school, a nursery school. We miss 
a theatre and a shopping center. 

Maja Rupert



All inhabitants of Žiri spend their free time in a very active way.  They like walking  most,  ski running in winter  and cycling in summer.

They do cycling, walking, climbing; they play basketball and football in their free time.…Some have very little free time. Pensioners shorten 
their time with trips. Pupils can visit many different activities: dance, singing , basketball, football, music, cooking, history, journalism,…

 Laura Podobnik, Tamara Trček, Vineta Treven



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