Miladojka Youneed is the unique phenomena in the Slovenian musical scene.Their concerts in Slovenia and numbers European stage (Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Check republic, Hungary,Greece, Austria) provoked reactions which usually accompany authentic newcoming project.
MILADOJKA´s music-although hard to classify-provokes a lot of different, mostly superlative iterpretation and marked significant changes in experiencing contemporary popular music in Slovenia.
It is common way for most projects to be known of one single attribute like some style´s characteristic, image, maturity, colourfullness, interesting ideas etc., but peculiarity of the group is playing itself, their breathtaking conciseness and expressiveness. MILADOJKA´s idea is the music itself. MILADOJKA YOUNEED is inspiring us with the power of synthesizing different elements in to a whole, which introduce new quality and overcome the "ingredients" it is made of.
By synthesizing different musical genres MILADOJKA gather fans of Butthole Surfers and Art Of Noise, Kraftwerk and Motorhead, Lounge Lizards and No means No. They know how to be easy and they know how to be brutal but they are always effective as they are dealing with totality.
MILADOJKA´s debut album GHASTLY BEYOND BELIEF is excepted enthusiastically by either new jazz or pop, rock or hard-core audience. They became total band and all comperative attributes become true:jazz-core, acid metal, synthetic trash?
MILADOJKA YOUNEED is characterized by ritual of creativity similar to those of woodoo magic-by secret code they bring the amorphous sound to life. Jazz influences and also acid, rap and metal ingredients are raw material in the MILADOJKA´S smithy which is going to produce new exciting music.
MILADOJKA´s "woodoo synthesizing" trademark is leading them on their way up to international´s affirmation and discoveries of new territories of expression.
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