PhD. Robi Kroflič is a full time professor of theory of education and general pedagogy at the Department for pedagogy and andragogy, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His basic fields of investigation are: theory of authority and pedagogical eros, moral education, aesthetic education and identity development, postmodern concepts of education, contemporary approaches on pre-school education and inclusive education.
In last years he formed a comprehensive inductive concept of prosocial and moral development. During the testing of this concept in the kindergarten Vodmat, Ljubljana, Slovenia, he was especially focused on conditions for a stronger participation and emancipation of children from the vulnerable social groups, and possibilities of prosocial and moral education through artistic activities. He was (or is still) involved in several projects on education through artistic experiences: European Multiple Choice Identity, Cultural Enrichment of Pre-school Children, Land-art, Urban Art, Graphics, Storytelling through Photography, Playground for a Theatre, MOL Generations in art cinema Kinodvor program for children, youngsters and teachers.
His bibliography includes nine monographs (five personal and four, where he is the first author) and over 200 scientific and professional articles in national and international journals and monographs. For his professional work he was awarded by a Faculty of Arts (2007) and National award for exceptional achievements (2011).

He is a chair of Slovenian Association of pedagogues (Slovensko društvo pedagogov).



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