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124 Research and Development in SAVA d.d. 129 Sava, Program Savaflex
New Generation of Air Springs

132 Biotechnology in the Sustained Selection and Breeding of Garden Plants

135 News from Lek's Research and Development Division:
Rational Design of Novel
ß-Lactamase Inhibitors

140 Library and Information Services in Krka

143 Mixed Communication Solution for Implementation of an Effective AMR System

152 Recent Innovations by FOTONA

156 Iskra Feriti and their components

160 Successful Slovene Software for the BTC Retail Centre

164 Electronic Data Interchange between Intereuropa d.d. and Partners


166 The new multimedia device S-700
It is more then computer and much more then projector .

168 Digitalization and visualization technologies in the service of human society.

170 Multimedia Space in Intelligent structures

172 ORACLE Brings Work to Slovenian Specialists and Companies

178 Electronic Commerce - a Challenge and an Opportunity

182 Aster - When Computer Solutions Are Truly Effective

186 Software Localisation - International Software for the Local Market

188 Language technologies - key to preserve the own identity

190 ALUFINAL - Quality Aluminium Construction Technology