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When we look around the world and observe the pace of research and development are living in such dynamic times. This pleasure, however, is more rewarding for countries which actively participate in, or even lead, this development.
What role does Slovenia play in all this? If you want to take a tour around our country, take a look at individual companies’ departments, enter some of the laboratories in our institutes and universities, perhaps examine individual ministries’ developmental problems, just open our magazine. You will gain easy access to a whole wealth of information, as well as answers to questions relating to the progress of work and life in the area of research and development in Slovenia.
For the fourth year in a row, QUARK is offering an overview of Slovenia’s R&D issues in the English language. During this time our editorial board has become aware that the dynamics in areas requiring greater knowledge is gaining momentum. The situation cannot be claimed to be satisfactory, but the efforts made to keep pace with the developed world and with development in general are increasing by the day. Despite the problems, the frequently less than ideal solutions and, indeed, individual cases of the complete failure of ideas and projects, there is a basis for us to believe that the current trends are promising indeed.

Editor: Boris Cerin