Mladinski klub Nade Zagar

On Saturday, the 19th October 1996 MKNŽ hosted a bit more jazz or a "second musical" concert in Ilirska Bistrica with the bands LOLITA from Ljubljana and LIVING DAYLIGHTS from Seattle, USA.

First the old acquaintance LOLITA from Ljubljana. With the living album BO-PA (also recorded in MKNŽ) they have prooved that they have become a mature group. Their music is becoming more and more cohesive, although slight in ideas but played in the equivalent play of the pure drumming of Mirsad Šabič, the diverse bass playing by Iztok Vidmar and by all winds blown away music played by the alt-saxophonist Primož Simončič. Their playing is relaxed, playfull and energetic and it`s a delight to see and hear them and to dance along with the sharp funk-jazz. With the newest album LOLIPOP they have only confirmed their qualities. The songs from the new album are more ambicious, comfortable, less tricky and with more layers in the variation of the known themes. It looked like it was going to be an exciting concert.

And then came LIVING DAYLIGHTS from Seattle, USA. Their creativeness is a part of the new and inovative sound of the east coast of USA. They have published their first album in October 1995. It`s called FALLING DOWN LAUGHING and was produced by the worshiped Wayne Horowitz. They have also had concerts with Wayne Shorter and have received a few jazz awards. The central activity in the music of LIVING DAYLIGHTS is concentrated in the creative relationship between the saxophonist Jessica Lurie and bass player Arne Livingstone. The bass player helps himself with an "effect closet" when his building the sound of the trio. The saxophonist, always full of surprises on the alt and tenor sax, is using an arsenal of melodies, riffs and noises, which are her protective sign as well as a part of the sound of the band. With his agressive drumming Dale Fanning circles the sound of the band and adds the real "groove" to the compositions of Lurieve and Livingstone.

The lovers of funk, jazz, rock - the concert was held in MKNŽ on Saturday October 19 1996 at 10 pm! It was great!!

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