A lot of poets find their  theme for the  poems in the river, one of them is Simon Gregorcic, who wrote the famous poem: Soci, which means " to Soca" .
 In that poem he predicted the bloodshed of the World War I. He said that the river would be filled with blood and he was nearly right. He was born in a village named Vrsno and his house is now a museum and everyone can go and see where he was living the first years of his life. A place that a lot of people will also see is his grave. His grave is next to the church on a hill with a beautiful view of the river and the valley that he loved so much.
The river, however is not entirely "ours". I mentioned it runs out into the Adriatic sea, but it does not run out into our part of the sea. It runs out into the Italian part and a big piece of the river runs through Italy too.

There are some bridges going over the river so that you can admire the richness that I have described above. 
BRIDGES: You can cross the river by car over many bridges like the   Kanal bridge, or on foot over the the foot bridges in the upper valley. It is worth making a stop there, as they usually cross the river over the narrow gorges and offer a beautiful view of the river. 
FOOT BRIDGES: The river is more wild in the upper valley, so people build there many foot bridges. They are made from wood, the steel cables support bridges which span the river.They are usually hung  high above the river bed, so the swollen waters of  the river can't reach them.And even if that happens, the expenses of repair are not so high.
There is a bridge called "Most na Soci" which means bridge on Soca. There is a performance every winter when a lot of people jump into the water of the river which has about 5°C, but that is quite warm because the air is below 0°C (-5°C, -10°C).