There are two bigger rivers in the Triglav  National  Park: the Soca river that runs out into the Adriatic sea and the Sava river. The one I'm going to tell you about is the Soca river. 
Every fairy tale contains a grain of truth. If you visit the upper part of the valley, where the Soca is still untamed by dams, you will recognise in the wild, milky blue - green waters of the stream the headstrong character of the youngest sister of the story above. 
The Soca river is an interesting tourist destination for a lot of people within Slovenia and abroad.
Thousands of people visit this beautiful river every year. That, however is the reason, why there is a lot of trash found in the valley, so they organise a green week every winter (when there are less tourists) to clean the river and the valley and put the trash where it belongs. 
The upper part of the river and the valley is situated within the Triglav National Park. The Triglav park is the only national park in Slovenia. Within that park there are a lot of beautiful valleys, mountains, forests and many other natural beauties. Also in the park is the highest mountain of Slovenia-Triglav. You have probably noticed that the park got its name after this mountain, that is also the symbol of Slovenes and we have it on our coat-of-arms.