The Triglav National Park
The Triglav National Park was established in 1924 in the heart of the Julian Alps.
In the park are some beautiful valleys of Trenta, of Bohinj, of Lepena, the Tamar and others.
The Triglav National Park is the biggest park in Slovenia.
In 1981 a rearrangement was achieved and the park was given a new concept and enlarged to 848 square kilometres, the area which it continues to cover to this day.
The park is named after the mountain Triglav (three heads), the symbol of Slovenia.
The biggest rivers in the park are the Soca river and the Sava river. 
In theTriglav National Park are all Slovenian glacial lakes: the Triglav  Lakes, the Kriz Lakes, the Bohinj Lakes, the Krn Lakes all situated high in the mountains. There we can also find a lot of wonderful waterfalls -  in the Vintgar ravnine, the Skocniki waterfalls in the Tamar valley, the two Pericnik waterfalls in the Vrata valley and many others. I will describe two waterfalls, the Boka waterfall and the Kozjak falls in the Soca valley.
By Diana Kazic