The flora

The flora is very rich. We can find a lot of endemites in the park. The most famous flowers in the Triglav National Park are: the Zois bellflower(campanula zoysii), Cephalaria Leucantha, the Lion's feet (Leontopodium alpinium), the Kamnik nigritella (Nigritella lithopolitanica), the Carniola lily (Lilium carniolicum), the budding lily( Lilium bulbiferum), the snow white lilies-of-the-valley Convallaria mayalis), Clusi' s gentian (Gentiana clusii), the Triglav flower and others.

If you come by road from Kranjska Gora over the Vrsic pass, you can see the monument dedicated to Dr. Julius Kugy. He was a famous botanist,  the poet of the Julian Alps. A kilometre or so further on, a sign points the way to Juliana,the nearby alpine botanical garden.

 A walk in the garden should be a miniature walk from a valley to the highest peaks, at the same time giving a sense of the warm Mediterranean climate; home to the plants of the Karst. A walk trought the garden mirrors the diversity and variety of the vegetation in Slovenia. Although the garden is Alpine, it has a special place among the alpinums of Europe because plants that do not grow outside Slovenia can be seen here.   In 1962 the garden finally passed into the hands of the Museum of Natural History of  Slovenia, which  still maintains it today. 

By Diana Kazic