4. IN 5. R     GRADE 4 AND 5


    8. IN 9.R      GRADE 8 AND 9

      PART 1 1. DEL      
Verbs In town My house
Nouns Questions & Answers In my living room
Verbs & Nouns First day at school What do I remember?
ABC-Pronunciation Countries & Nationalities Odd one out
Commands First school day Personal Pronouns
What's the number? Continents Some prepositions
Numbers 1 A Geography Lesson In the shop
Numbers 2 Dialogue Articles a and an
Town My country A letter to a friend
    PART 2   2.DEL  
What can animals do? Classroom English The Present Simple
What are these animals? True or false? My pet
Who am I? Boa snakes Interesting facts
Domestic animals More animals Shopping
Bears True or false? There is - There are
What can I do? What do I remember? Personal Pronouns
Tortoises More prepositions Sharks
Where are they? Butterfly Crossword puzzle
  PART 3 3.DEL  
Months in a year Sports Timetable
Days in a week A telephone conversation Classroom language
Clothes Seasons and clothes To have got
The Human Body The  Weather Questions
February My habits Fruit
Adjectives What time is it? Space
What do I  wear? Things to do on a sunny day Transport
At a shopping centre Prepositions Comparison of adjectives
Questions - Present Simple Questions  


      PART 1 1. DEL      
Your teacher Adjective Short answers
Articles A or AN Questions & Answers Clothes & seasons
Numbers A letter to a new friend Where do they work?
I remember An old town Pronouns
My friends School subjects Odd one out
Countries & capitals My school Habits
Continents Some more verbs Shopping
Some verbs What are they doing? My friends
Travelling around Present simple negative My country Slovenia
  PART 2                 2.DEL  
Places in town What are we wearing? Animals again
Towns and cities in GB Some more sports  Animals talk
Guess  the words  What are the questions? Are we animals?
How long do they live? Where am I? Questions
Animals Am I right? Asking questions
Timetable What can we see in London? Some more adjectives
My Teacher's Habits What do I look like? Some more questions
Who is he? Hair Singular & Plural
Clothes   My ideal timetable Plurals
  PART 3 3.DEL  
An interview with Janez In the nature Countable or uncountable ?
Possessive adjectives Grandpa, a fisherman My diet
More possessives A fisherman A shopping list
Find the right pairs Technology Some and any
Irregular plurals What does he do? Object pronoun
Proteus What are they good for? Can
Maths Fruit Think and do it
How to write a letter Vegetables Days of the week
Asking for information Short answers In my house
  PART 4 4.DEL  
What do we have at home? Asking for information Pronunciation
Space A Test Word halves
Present Continuous - forming Weather Word pairs
Present Continuous The 12 months How often?
Presen Simple & Continuous The weather in Slovenia A very simple story
Choose the correct verb Some Adjective My grandpa's youth
Comparison of Adjectives How much? How many? Adjectives
A difficult exercise Future plans Life in the past
Prepositions My plans Long, long  time ago
Geography Quiz Crossword puzzle Past Tense verbs
  Questions Present or Past ?
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