Manjkajoče besede

Vpiši manjkajoče besede, potem preveri z gumbom PREVERI.
   could      going      had flown      hadn't seen      if I was      liked      not sitting      not to stay      to take      took      was      was wearing      what happened      would be   
"Im afraid of flying." He told me he afraid of flying.
"I like travelling by plane." She said she travelling by plane.
"You can get off the plane." The pilot told us we get off the plane.
"There will be a 45-minute delay." The flight attendant explained that there a 45-minute delay.
"This man flew this very flight before." I could tell that man that very flight before.
"Look. The pilot is wearing dark glasses." One of the passengers pointed out that the pilot dark glasses.
"I haven't seen blind people with guide dogs on planes yet." Peter replied that he blind people with guide dogs on planes yet.
"Take the dog out to stretch his legs." He told the pilot the dog out to stretch his legs.
"Don't stay for too long." They told us for too long.
"Are you nervous?" The stewardess asked me nervous.
"How long does the flight take?" Mary wanted to know how long the flight .
"What happened?" They asked me .
"Let's go out." Tom suggested out.
"Let's not sit all the time." I suggested all the time.