Manjkajoče besede

Vpiši manjkajoče besede, potem preveri z gumbom PREVERI.
   are      are playing      collect      collects      Do      does      Does      doing      don't      Is      isn't      like      m playing      play      playing      plays      re playing      s playing   
*I football and basketball. (like)
*In this picture I' football. (play)
* your brother tennis now? (play)
**No, he . He' badminton. But sometimes he tennis, too. (play)
* your son stamps? (collect)
**Yes, he . But he money as well. (collect)
*Listen. My friends jazz. (play)
* you the trumpet? (play)
**No, I . I the guitar. (play)
*What you here? (do)
**At the moment we' cards. We them every Wednesday. (play)