Manjkajoče besede

Vpiši manjkajoče besede, potem preveri z gumbom PREVERI.
   after      along      at      by      for      from      in      of      on      opposite      past      round      since      to      while   
See you the bus stop Tueday 5 o'clock.
We'll come the weekend or Easter.
I was born 1949, April, the seventeenth April, the morning.
He can't work night, he's too young.
Bill is so proud his daughter.
They'll come Ljubljana plane and will arrive the airport Wednesday evening.
Bob and Ann have lived a small village December, three months.
Can you do this tomorrow morning?
I have classes 8.00 12.00.
Yesterday somebody stole our TV we were asleep.
There's a garage the other side of the street just our house.
My brother often flies New York business.
Drive the river, the police station and the corner. The school is the right.
Who will look your children when you're away?