Manjkajoče besede

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   A doctor      A dog      A house      apples      boxes      children      geese      hens      knife      Nails      orange      secretaries   
(Houses/A house) is great.
Mrs Green has got two (children/child).
There isn't an (oranges/plum/orange) in the basket.
We cut meat with a (knife/knives).
The Greens don't have any (hens/hen).
Mr Wilson has got three (secretary/secretaries/secretarys).
There are seven big (boxes/boxs/box) in the room.
Do you see those (goose/geese) in the farmyard?
(Dogs/An dog/A dog) has got four legs.
(A nail/Nails) are small.
We want some (an apple/apples/a apple).
(A doctor/An doctor/Doctors) works in a hospital.