Manjkajoče besede

Vpiši manjkajoče besede, potem preveri z gumbom PREVERI.
   He      he      I      It      she      They      We      You      you   
*Is your father in London? **Yes, is.
*Are you Alice? **No, 'm not, 'm afraid.
*Those are Peter and Paul. 're from the USA.
*The book is expensive. 's € 40,90.
*Am I the second? **Yes, are.
*Look. That's John. 's my friend.
*Jack and I are American. 're from New York.
Are Judy and I the first? **No, aren't. 're the third.
*Is Monika Slovenian? **I think, is.
*How much are the posters? **'re $ 10,90 each.