Manjkajoče besede

Vpiši manjkajoče besede, potem preveri z gumbom PREVERI.
   came      couldn't      Did      didn't      didn't eat      had to      help      play      was      was cleaning      was talking      went      Were      were studying   
* you tennis yesterday? (play)
**No, I . I the house till noon (clean), because my mother-in-law to visit us in the afternoon. (come)
* your children you? (help)
**No, they . (can not) They for their exams all day. (study)
*And your husband?
**He too tired. (be) He wash the car. (must) And his mother about her aches and pains for three hours. (talk)
* you tired in the evening? (be)
**Of course I . I anything (not eat), I straight to bed. (go)