Dario Adamic
[Nation Of Ulysses]
Nation Of Ulysses
I've been taking photos at gigs since late eighties, at first because I needed
them for my fanzine (Zips & Chains) and later as a hobby. I've never
 attended any photography classes, and everything I've learned is thanx to
 my friends, fellow photographers, who taught me some bits and pieces here
 and there. I've photographed such bands as Spitboy, Fugazi, NoMeansNo,
 Avail, Nation Of Ulysses, Rorschach, Yuppicide, DOA, Growing Concern,
Gas, Naftia, Upside, Samiam, Bap, J Church, Civ, Ramones, and many others. If
 you might need some of them for your projects or fanzine or anything
else, feel free to drop me a line at: adamic@rdn.it
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