DVB-s PCI cards under Linux



The DVB-s PCI card is designed for receiving and decoding digital satellite broadcasts. It can be used for digital television and radio reception and for high speed internet downloading. With linux driver you can build your own digital satellite receiver, digital video recorder and DVD player.

DVB-s PCI cards with the same layout supported by linux driver:

Linux driver for DVB-s PCI card

You can download the drivers from LinuxTv.org.

DVD player for DVB-s PCI card

You can use this program for DVD playback on the DVB-s PCI card.

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Remote control for DVB-s PCI card

The main disadvantage of DVB-s card is that there is no remote control. With this program you can simply solve this problem. The program is optimized for motorized satellite antennas where is a positioner connected to an analog satellite receiver. You can control your DVB-s card and motorized antenna with only one remote control.

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RGB outputs on DVB-s PCI card

There are two reasons for using a RGB connection: Follow this link for images about connection between the J2 connector on DVB-s card and the scart connector with RGB inputs.


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