Pelargonium rubiginosum E. M. Marais

Taxonom. Stud. in Pelargonium, sect. Hoarea (Geraniaceae), Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. of Stellenbosch, 1994, p. 319.
Section Hoarea
Habit Geophyte with a small regularly shaped subterranean tuber. Stem short, flattened, covered with flaking dark brown periderms.

habitat photo: S Skimmelberg (N of Eksteenfontein), N Cape, RSA.
Leaves Erecto-patent, lamina broadly ovate, base cuneate, apex rounded, 15-60 x 10-45 mm, pinnately compound, pinnatilobed to bipinnatisect, densely pilose with white patent hairs and glandular hairs interspersed, segments linear, 5-10 mm long. Petiole 10-60 mm, stipules subulate, 3-7 x 1 mm, adnate to petiole for 1/3 of their length.
Inflorescence Scape, bearing 2-5 pseudo-umbellets, each 10-30-flowered. Peduncles wine red to brown red, 30-170 mm long. Pedicel cca. 0.5 mm.
Sepals 5, lanceolate, apices acute, 4.5-6 x 1-2 mm, reflexed. Hypanthium 14-32 mm, wine red to brown red.
Petals 5, white, cream-coloured, or yellow with red or crimson markings in the centre, patent during anthesis, posterior unguiculate-spathulate to unguiculate-obcordate, bases cuneate, apices rounded to emarginate 9-16 x 2.5-4.5 mm, anterior three spathulate, apices rounded 5.5-13 x 1.5-4 mm.
Stamens 2 fertile (anterior position), white, 5-9 mm, protruding from the flower.