Phantastic songs of the S.E.Asian cicadas!

by Matija Gogala & Tomi Trilar

The loud insect singers - cicadas - show in S.E.Asia very high diversity in forms, colours and acoustic signals. During the last few years I visited with my colleagues from Slovene Museum of Natural History in Ljubljana, Slovenia, a few times this region and recorded many fascinating songs of cicadas there. Here is just a humble digest of the rich acoustic soundscape, bound merely to the remaining but disappearing rainforests of the S.E.Asia

Represented digital recordings originate mainly from Thailand and Malaysia. More examples from Borneo (Sabah, Sarawak) one can find in the homepage of Klaus Riede, Germany.

Identified cicadas:

Unidentified cicadas:


*) Gogala M.: Songs of four cicada species from Thailand. Bioacoustics 6: 101-116 (1995)

**) Gogala M., Riede K.: Time sharing of song activity by cicadas in Temengor Forest Reserve, Hulu Perak, Malaysia. Malayan Nature Journal 48: 297-305 (1995)

More interesting examples will be shown here in the future...

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Last update: 26.2.98

  Matija Gogala, Ljubljana - Slovenia