Purpose and Content of this site

During last decades it became evident, that the song patterns of singing cicadas are very species specific and enable us to detect a presence of most species in a habitat without seeing and collecting them, just by recording and analyzing their acoustic emissions. In addition to this, one can recognize the hidden, morphologically inconspicuous species by analyzing and comparing their songs. As it is well known, in singing cicadas only males have characteristic sound producing organs - tymbals and are able to produce loud and species specific sound signals. Nevertheless, females of some species can answer to the courtship signals of males by short wing clicks. Similarly, males of some species use wing clicking as additional sound producing mechanism.

Oscilograms, spectrograms and spectra

On our pages we offer samples of songs for comparison in QuickTime.mov format. For graphical comparison of song patterns we are providing also oscillograms (c), spectrograms (also called sonograms or sonagrams - b) what means a 3dimensional presentation of sound intensity in a frequency versus time plain. In some occasions average frequency spectra (a) are presented as well (see below). For this purpose we used Canary 1.2.4 software for Mac.