32nd Ljubljana Cup



& Vladimir M. Komarov Memorial
Ljubljana, October 8th - 10th, 2010


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ARK Komarov, Hudovernikova 8,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

FAI events:
  • S4A (WORLD CUP),
  • S6A (WORLD CUP),
  • S7 (WORLD CUP),
  • S8E/p (WORLD CUP),
  • S9A (WORLD CUP),
  • S3A
  • All other FAI S classes (open)

Non-FAI events:

  • Odd-roc (Show program)
  • High power rockets (in coordination with the organiser)
  • Plastic scale models (space, rockets and space Sci-fi)

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Contest rules:
The competition will be held according to the present FAI rules. This competition is open for the individuals with a valid FAI sporting license as well as the teams (Teams should be formed at the registration with no limits up to 3 members). Odd-roc and high power rocket flights will run in coordination with the organiser. Scale judges will judge the entries in category S7. Expert jury will judge all entries in Odd-roc, high power rockets and plastic scale models  program.

Best individuals will be rewarded with sport trophies (diplomas and plaques -- "Dragons") as well as best teams who will be rewarded with diplomas and V.M. Komarov memorial trophies. Show program will be also rewarded with diplomas and plaques - Dragons. All other event will be rewarded too.

Launching site:
The competition will take place in Kamnik area near Ljubljana. Launching site is situated about 20 km from the centre of the city. See the location of main points on the map.

Protests are possible in one-hour period after each category in writing along with 35 EUR protest fee.

3rd party insurance:
All competitors and visitors participate at their own risk. The organiser does not take responsibility for any accident, damage or injury, caused by the models. All competitors take full responsibility for any accident, damage or injury caused by their models.

Official language:
Official languages at the contest are Slovene and English.

FAI jury:
Mr. Srdjan Pelagić (president), Serbia
Mr. Jiři Taborsky, Czech Republic
Mr. Jože Čuden, Slovenia
Mr. Anton Šijanec (reserve), Slovenia

Experts - coordinators:
Mr. Andrej Vrbec, Slovenia for High power rockets
Mr. Primož Kuhar, Slovenia for Odd-roc (Show program)
Mr. Blaž Grgič, Slovenia for S8E/p competition

Range safety officer:
Mr. Marjan Čuden, Slovenia
RSO assistant:
Mr. Andrija Dučak, Serbia

Scale judges:
Mr. Nikola Cvjetičanin (president), Serbia
Mr. Primož Kuhar, Slovenia
Mr. Matevž Dular, Slovenia

Contest director:
Mr. Anton Šijanec, Slovenia

President of the organising committee:
Mr. Jože Čuden, Slovenia

Checking-in: All the participants are kindly requested to announced the participation to Jože or Tone as soon as possible is! (!!!) For accommodation reservation and order please contact the hotel directly to the contacts bellow (see Accommodation).

Entry Fee and other costs:
Entry fee for all competitors is 35 EUR.
Entry fee for official supporters, observers, helpers ... is 15 EUR.

Entry fee covers the costs of:

  • participation cards, organising costs, and other materials,
  • sport trophies (dragons, ...), participants diplomas
  • gifts (T-shirts, ...).

Participation fee for Get together party is 20 EUR. It is expected to be attended ant paid by all participants. It will take place in Terme Snovik complex, after the awarding ceremony on Saturday late evening. Organiser will assure ambient, all free drinks and party snacks, salami, cheese... (!!! it is not going to be classical evening supper, it is going to be a great open end party)

Warm meal will be organised at the site each day (catering). We suggest you to order warm meal at the site. Price for one meal is 8 €, price for meals on both days is 15 €. You should order it during registration.


Few years ago we detected that many of competitors want a better accommodation then old Kamniška Bistrica Inn was, because many of you started sleep at different locations around. We all know that a very important part of the competition is also getting together and having time to talk. The fact is that this is possible only if we are all accommodated at the same place. So, that is why we moved the location of the accommodation to a new popular thermal 4*complex Terme Snovik (www.terme-snovik.si), which is even a little bit closer to the city of Kamnik and it became a great success.

There you can order all kinds of accommodations you need. From double and single rooms to apartments for 2, 4 or 8 persons. With or without food. Prices are very suitable too.

You can find all prices and make a reservation and booking by your self at the Terme Snovik internet site (www.terme-snovik.si) or call them to the telephone 00386 (0)1 8344 100. If you have any problems you can contact us to help you.

Here are some prices for your quick information:

- double room with breakfast - 45 eur / person / day, (single use +20%)
- double room with half pension (breakfast and supper) – 54 eur / day, (single use +20%)
- small apartment-studio for 2 persons - 69 eur /
- apartment for 4 persons - 94 eur / day
- apartment for 6 persons - 133 eur / day
- apartment for 8 persons - 168 eur / day
- tourist tax is 0,92 eur
/ day
- you can order breakfast if you want for 7 eur / day
- you can order half pension (breakfast and supper) if you want for 16 eur / day

For the Entry fees and food at the site in cash at the registration to the organiser.
For accommodation at the Terme Snovik reception.

Arrival and registration:
!!!NEW!!! Competitors in category S3A must come at the launching site on Fiday, October the 8th at 1 p.m. when registration of the models will started. There you will receive you starting number only, official registration with payment will be later in Terme Snovik.

Registration of all the participants will take place at the Terme Snovik complex on Friday evening after 6 pm. See location at  www.terme-snovik.si/en/lokacija.php

GPS coordinates: φ = 46.226729 (46°13'36,2'' N),  λ = 14.704870 (14°42'17,6'' E)

Welcome dear friends and see you soon!

Secretary of the ARK Komarov:
Anton Šijanec
President of the ARK Komarov:
Jože Čuden

You can contact us by:

Telephones: ++ 386 41 737 672 - Jože Čuden (mobile),
 ++ 386 41 838 803 - Anton Šijanec (mobile),
 ++ 386 1 4790220 - Jože Čuden (office),
 ++ 386 1 5830507 - Anton Šijanec (office),
 Fax: ++ 386 1 4790230 (!) + note For J. Čuden (J. Čuden - office),
 ++ 386 1 5193496 (!) + note For A. Šijanec (A. Šijanec - office),
E-mail: joze.cuden@guest.arnes.si, anton.sijanec@ozs.si

Timetable of the 31st Ljubljana Cup

Friday, 8th October

after 12.00 a.m. -- arrival of the competitors in S3A to the launching site
at 1.00 p.m. -- models registration for the class S3A and starting numbers delivery
1.30 p.m. --   6.00 p.m. -- S3A flights (1x90 + 1x75 + 1x60 minutes rounds) and fly off,
6.00 p.m. -- 12.00 p.m. -- arrival of the competitors and registration in Terme Snovik lokation
9.00 p.m. -- 10.00 p.m. -- delivery of the models for S7 class,
after 8.00 p.m. (open end) – welcome party at the registration hall

until 10.00 p.m – possible free swimming in the thermal complex for Terme Snovik guests

Saturday, 9th October

8.00 a.m. -- departure to the launching site,
8.40 a.m. -- opening ceremony,
8.50 a.m. -- registration, payment of the entry fees for the competitors arriving on Saturday,
9.00 a.m. -- 9.30 a.m. -- models registration for the classes S4, S9 and S6,
9.30 a.m. -- 12.30 a.m. -- S4A flights (3 x 1 hour rounds),
10.00 a.m. till sunset - high power rocket flights in coordination with the organiser,
12.45 a.m. -- 3.45 p.m. -- S9A flights (3 x 1 hour rounds),
4.00 p.m. -- 6.15 p.m. -- S6A flights (3 x 45 minutes rounds),
6.30 p.m. -- 7.00 p.m. -- time reserved for fly-offs,
7.15 p.m. -- departure from the launching site,
until 10.00 p.m. – possible free swimming in the thermal complex for Terme Snovik guests
until 10.00 p.m. -- taking over S7 models,
at about 10.15 p.m. -- prize-giving ceremony in the Terme Snovik complex and get together party (open end)

Sunday, 1
0th October

8.00 a.m. -- departure to the launching site,
8.40 a.m. -- registration, payment of the entry fees for the competitors arriving on Sunday,
8.45 a.m. -- 9.15 a.m. -- models registration for classes S8E/p and show,
9.15 a.m. -- 12.15 a.m. -- S8E/p flights in groups,
10.00 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. - high power rocket and show model flights in coordination with the organiser,
10.00 a.m. -- 3.00 p.m. -- S7 flights (2 x 2 hours and 30 minutes rounds),
3.30 p.m. -- 4.00 p.m. -- time reserved for fly-offs or reserve time,
4.00 p.m. -- prize-giving ceremony and closing of the competition.

In case of bad weather or any other case the organiser reserves a right to change the timetable.

© ARK Komarov 2010