" His music is so utterly full of .. just about everything."

"…bound to leave the listener hypnotised and breathless by its end."

"…one is struck by both the beauty of the melody and the perversity of its interpretation here."

"…we can only be thankfull to the composer for presenting one of the most distinctive film scores in a long time."

"…it will arrest and amaze you."

- Film Music on the Web

"It is music which impresses on almost every level."

"It's amazing music – (…) magnificently chopping through avant garde textures, blisteringly good harmonies and almost incomprehensible construction."

"I can't think of another film score like it."

- Movie Wave

"…a wild mixture of post-minimalist pulsing and avant-garde writing. The music shifts between clearly tonal moments and more astringent atonal passages. It’s almost as if the two styles must battle things out in a kind of musical war, a fascinating one to experience."

"…music tends to the bold and powerful…"

"…until the sounds portray chaos and hellishness — a Bosch landscape."

- Film Score Monthly

"A Life in Suitcases is intelligent, extremely eclectic, multilayered creation, full of bold stylistic links and amazing creative flashes."


"This is not prova d'orchestra, this is really a devil's band. Bravo, maestro!"

- Mladina

"…to listen (…) and enjoy the journey."

- Delo

"…all sounding very different right from the start. (...) we liked it immediately."

"…never gets boring and has some slightly chippy time signatures which kept our ears on their toes. A delightfull and very good new score."

- Record Collector

"…and that's the special feature which provoke the deepest emotions and gives gooseflesh to the listener."

"…let one be in strained expectation from the start to the very end."

"Really unique journey to the limits of our imagination."

- Rockonnet

"…Krzisnik's compositions have extraordinary suggestive power and, like Greenaway's film shots, remind us on moving, multilayered painter's work of art sown with numerous details."

"…which resists both the established social order and our conception of classical music."

- Radio Študent

"…and Borut Krzisnik's fairly amazing musical score never allows the work to grow dull visually or aurally…"

- D+Kaz, Inteligent Movie Reviews

"The music is arresting and powerfull (…)"

- Musical Pointers

"…reaches far beyod our conventional conceptions about film music."

- Večer

"…we face lavishing moves of invisible symphonic orchestra, which makes genuine synthesis between avantgarde and popular music…"

- Finance

"Bravo, Borut!"

- Hiendfi


"Krzisnik, also respected by Philip Glass, is defined by Gerald Thomas as the most impossible and erudit postmodern composer of the recent times."

- O Estado de S. Paulo

"Stories from Megatrea are a mega symphonic party, retaining the nuance of  "serenity" but at the same time light years away from classical symphonic music. (…) Never has the joy of listening to "classical music" been greater, never has a party been more delightful."

- Doktor Musik

"The works of Borut Krzisnik always present a surprising venture into the boldness of idea and the manner of its realization."

- Dnevnik

"This is a record that crashes the status quo called the Slovene music scene."

- Nedelo

"A six-story challenge, /…/ leading  to the most breathtaking hights. Brave new music."

- Mladina

"Suggestive, almost atonal at times and energetically rumbling, with all the vehement neoclassical magnificence, the solistically sophisticated Stories from Megatrea do not in any way allow consideration within the frame of the popular sympho-music of playful tunes."

- Večer

"At first Krzisnik's Stories from Megatrea charmed me, then I became enthusiastic about them and then (…). Caps down! Stories from Megatrea (…) break down the barriers that separate the logic of popular music and the so called classical music."

- Radio Študent

"A surprise!"

- Muska

"It’s creative and provocative (and very well composed and performed)…"

- http//www.primenet.com/˜twodavid/Reviews.html




"...the freshest and most genuine Slovenian jazz event of the year."

- Dnevnik

"...he draws a great deal of sharp humour from his own broad scope."

- Mladina

" I pack my bags for Slovenia tonight..."


"...a wonderful experience for connoisseurs and all who incline towards musical expression that crosses conventional borders."

- Rock Vibe

"...masterfully articulated on the individual level but set hedonistically into a collective expression."

- Glasbena mladina

"The free approach to musical structures and the subtle, almost secondary role of the guitar emphasise the various dimensions of the music of DATA DIRECT".

- Republika

 "...variety is what they have in common."

- Večer

"The experiment was successful, the audience accepted the challenge of the music..."

- Delo

"The Slovenian group stood out on the bill, as a result of both their inventive sound and as their elaborate playing technique."

- Slovenske novice

"...a rich assortments of sounds..."

- Radio Študent

"This is proof positive that it is possible even in popular music to generate a great deal of interest, provided that the musicians' own enjoyment is apparent..."

- Dnevnik



"His greatest strength however, lies in his avant-garde compositions. Currents of Time is an ingenious musical creation, as relevant now as it was eight years ago when it was recorded."

- Digital Intersect

"That is the best thing about this kind of music; it definitely appeals to more than one of the five senses. I liked sitting back, closing my eyes and absorbing it, trying to come up with visual images to match the sounds which were assaulting my brain."

- The Fritz

"Eccentric Krzisnik's Currents of Time is more of a Satyricon as a whole - loads of fun and garish enough to coast by on picaresque imagination alone."

- Motion

"... and will appeal to those who defiinitely like something different."

- Wrapped in Wire

"You may not be able to follow it, but you won't be bored."

- Outburn

" Once there things start to make sense and suddenly other music doesn't quite sound the same. The world around is a strange place and reality is exposed as this subjective transitionary state of continual flux. Life doesn't seem so dull and beyond control. Ideas take on a life of their own and mental boundaries fall away like skin from a snake.(...) There is a distinct importance to wizards like Krzisnik, in the hands of whom technology is a sword and wisdom the wand. The listener's mind, then, becomes the ceremonial terrain."

- Atlanta Press

"... joining the circus (...) manic eclecticism (...)"

- Fact

" You don't just listen to this album, you experience several hundred years worth of musical tradition colliding into one large melting pot."

- Damn

"(...) strange Currents of Time offer you a poly-chromatic, poly-rhythmic and manifold nowave/improvised music (...)"

- D.L.K.

" This release is definitely not for everybody."

- Apocalypse