A Handbook for Genealogists

By Vasja Butina

“My Family Tree - A Handbook for Family Research” by Vasja Butina was published by Cankarjeva Založba of Ljubljana, Slovenija in 1999. The book, written and published in Slovenia, contains 224 pages and is richly illustrated with photographs, drawings, and graphics. Although this version is now out of print, it will be reprinted in 2002.

Because there has bee great interest in the handbook among Slovenes and their descendents in the United States, Canada, and Australia, the book will be translated into English by Mister Fergus Soucek-Smith, a Scottish genealogist and published shortly thereafter.

The handbook is aimed primarily at the individual just starting their genealogical jounrney among their Slovenian ancestors. The purpose of the text is to explain the basic concepts of genealogy and to help beginners with a very limited knowledge in the field.

Emphasis is placed in starting research and in beginning a database to support a thoroughly organized structure. The handbook has been written for the amateur and strives to stress the importance of essential technique skills and the tools common in all genealogical work. The author was encouraged to write the handbook because of the many difficulties experiences by beginners and because of the great amount of time involved in beginning processes regarding organization, management, and the presentation of data.

There are 9 chapters in the book covering all phases of genealogical research with special attention covering those aspects common to all genealogy and then moves to those techniques unique or typical of the Slovenian researcher. In addition, there are 19 distinct appendices ranging from archival sources in Slovenia to an in-depth study of the Comparative Gothic Alphabet.

Chapter 4 on genealogical sources of data might to mis-construed to cover the general genealogical coverage of data sources, but the emphasis is on distinctly Slovenian sources including, national records, vital records in Slovenia, status animarum, land registers, name books and cadastres or land surveys. Chapter 9 is also of intense interest as the subject shifts directly toward Slovenian emigration with areas of emphasis including the United States, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Europe and South America.

Your opportunity to purchase A Handbook for Genealogists, in English, is anticipated by mid 2002.