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T-TECTO Studio X5

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T-TECTO 2014 Release

T-TECTO Studio X5 is a result of 15 years of research, development, numerical testing and analyses of earthquake focal-mechanisms and fault-slip data. The program is based on several innovative mathematical algorithms (see references):
   1. Gauss stress inversion (Žalohar and Vrabec, 2007),
   2. Multiple-Slip Method (MSM) (Žalohar and Vrabec, 2008),
   3. Cosserat stress-strain inversion (Žalohar and Vrabec, 2010),
   4. Tectonic wedge-faulting and fault-interaction theory (Žalohar, 2012 and 2014)

More than 60 new functions

Compared to T-TECTO 3.0 Professional (2012 version), the new T-TECTO Studio X5 includes more than 60 new functions and several large modules that have been added to improve performance of the earthquake focal-mechanisms and fault-slip data analyses.

New modules of the T-TECTO Studio X5:

   1. Active analysis of faults,
   2. Active analysis of fractures,
   3. Tectonic wedges analysis,
   4. Distribution density analysis,
   5. Analysis of the fault stability,
   6. Numerous new graphic options.



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