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T-TECTO  Earthquake Prediction Research
The final solution of the earthquake prediction problem

T-TECTO was established in 1999 as a windows based paleostress software. In more than 15 years numerous numerical methods were developed that allow for stress - strain analysis of the fault-slip data and earthquake focal mechanisms.

The Omega-Theory

In last years, we have come across a highly unexpected discovery. When analysing seismic activity of tectonic wedges (Žalohar, 2012, 2014, 2015a, 2015b), we discovered that the earthquakes are Geometric series and Fibonacci numbers in time. This order occurs along the faults with the slip direction parallel to the intersection direction (tectonic wedge faults). It appears that the virtual chaos seen in the earthquake catalogues is not real, but is a consequence of the fact that the catalogues have not been sorted properly (Žalohar, 2015a). Careful analysis and a detailed research of physical interactions between the tectonic faults finally led us to the discovery of a completely new physics of earthquakes that we named “The Omega-Theory” (Žalohar, 2015a). This theory is part of the Cosserat continuum mechanics.

Earthquake predictions

The Omega-Theory is the final solution of the earthquake prediction problem. Earthquakes/synchronizations are now continuously being predicted in the following regions:

Global Earth synchronizations
Euro-Mediterranean - Aegean region
Southern California


The Omega-Theory is accessible as part of the T-TECTO Omega Archtect.

The Omega-Theory (eBook)
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 T-TECTO Studio X5, Omega Architect

T-TECTO Studio X5 (basic structural geology software):
   1250 € (per computer)

Omega Architect (earthquake prediction software):
   32.500 € (for companies, 1 month trial)

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