Fat Camps: For and Against

It helps people lose weight and teaches you to eat and live healthy. It offers you many different activities  and tough exercise to lose weight so that you feel good about yourself. It gives you many new adventures and experiences. The camp teaches you to be confident.
•    Because there is so much  junk food many people are fat and these people are very shy, so fat camps give them confidence and help them feel good about themselves.
•    Some people say that fat camps really work and some that it doesn't and that it depends on the personality and will.
•    I think that if you really want to lose weight you will, and it is very important that kids learn to live healty and to exercise. I think that these kids , when they come from camps, really feel more confident and more comfortable in their bodies.
•    There are many good things about fat camps: you lose weight, you can even make new friends or maybe get a girlfriend or a boyfriend.
•    There are also some bad things about fat camps: it can really be difficult in the start before you get used to the routine and not to eat any sweets at all.
•    Fat camps are very good to get experiences and many friends.

Veronika Kumar, 9.a

In modern life there are a lot of teenagers who are overweight because there are a lot fast food places. Some people believe fast food isn't so bad and it's cooked fast so it doesn't take very long time to prepare. On the other hand there are a lot of parents who don't allow their kids to eat fast food. They argue that children should eat fast food less. Sometimes they get depressed because they don't like their bodies and their weight. As a result their peers insult them by giving them names. So many parents decide to send  their children to the Fat camp.
The first weeks are tough to get through for the children but at the end of the camp they don't want to go home. Most of the Fat camps are successful but there isn't a 100% guarantee for kids to lose a lot of weight.
What is good is that kids spend their summer alone without parents (good for self-confidence), they eat healthy food and they can do sports and don't play computer games. They can reach their desired weight. They meet new friends and they fall in love for the first time.
Bad things about the camps are that they are expensive, kids aren't allowed to contact their parents and their relatives. Most of the children are depressed and spend their first days in their rooms.
In the end these Fat camps are quite useful, because kids lose weight and at the same time they do sports and have fun. If they don't go to those camps they spend all of their summer playing computer games, watching TV and eating junk food. Most of the children boycott junk food but some of them still can't resist the taste of it.

Sašo Mariè, 9.a

      Fat camp is not cheap; it is effective; lots of young overweight Americans go to Fat camp and because of that people think you can buy everything with money. Fat camp is quite important for fat, overweight children; lots of kids who are in Fat camp find their first love, their best friends… and of course they lose their weight. Some people believe that Fat camp is really good, because they can spoil the child with lots of candies and when he becomes fat, they can send him/her to Fat camp. Some people argue that fat camp is not good because it is expensive and they think that if you don’t spoil your kid you don’t have to send him to Fat camp.
      I think Fat camp is not the best solution for kids and parents; it’s not good for parents’ wallets and your kids are on a diet where they get half of calories that are needed and they are trained by people they don’t know. But it’s good on the other hand because if your kid is too fat it is very tough to make him fit, so you can just buy it.
      However, I think that Fat camp is more bad than good, but I am not against it.
   Nejc Koèica, 9.a
      In the United States 40% of children are overweight. What is more, the number of extremely overweight children is increasing. Consenquently, it becomes a problem that needs to be solved. Fat Camps are being set up. The children are being sent to those camps by their parents in order to lose weight. They are put on a strict healthy diet with a lot of exercise.
Some people believe that those camps are necessary. They argue that the camps are successful because somebody forces the children to work out hard and eat healthy food. They claim that the children feel good in those camps. They can do things that they do not do at home. For example, the children wear swimming suits or go on a date for the first time.
      I think that those camps are not really necessary. You can lose weight with the help of your doctor and your family. The doctor will give you instructions on what and how much you should eat. He or she will also recommend some kind of physical activity. In order to successfully solve the problem, the whole family will be included in changing not only yours but their lifestyle as well.
However, in this case,  the peers` support is excluded. Consequently, you can lose interest in weight reduction . 
     All things considered, I believe that with a doctor`s help, family support and your own will, you may lose weight successfully without any fat camps.
 Tajda Kolenc, 9.b
   There are many weight-loss camps for children in the States. Every Summer a large number of overweight children between ages 8 and 18 spend their holidays at Fat Camp. Their parents pay about 3,000 dollars for them to lose weight. This kind of camps are important because they help children to lose excess weight. Some people believe that when the children come back from Fat Camps they will return to their old eating habits and everything would be a waste of money. There is also no guarantee that the child will become slim.
   These camps are helpful because they teach young people the importance of a healthy lifestyle which includes healthy food and sports. It is easier for the children to change bad habits at Fat Camp then at home. Because all the children in the camp have the same problem they make friends a lot easier.
   Before the children leave camp they go on an outing to a nearby town. Only 3 out of 200 children couldn’t resist junk food and they went to McDonald’s. This shows that Fat Camps really do help the children.
   For eight weeks the children are isolated, they aren’t allowed to call home or to use any technologies. A lot of kids spend their first week in tears. They have to get up very early and do tough exercises. Many people can’t afford to send their kids to weight-loss camps because of the high price but there are more overweight people in the poorer section of the population then in the richer section.
   I think that weight-loss camps are useful and helpful to many children who have weight problems. It is important to eat healthy food and to be physically active but every once in a while it’s O.K. to eat a cheeseburger.

Iza Jordan, 9.b


I think people will live on other planets because there won't be enough space for people only on Earth. I'm sure aliens won't live on Earth, I think that they don't really exist. I hope that scientists will find a medicine for HIV and cancer, but they will cost a lot, so only the rich people will buy them. People won't talk the same language, I think there will be more languages than now. I'm sure sooner or later there will be world war 3 and many people will die, some of them will become unemployed. I hope that cars will fly and that they won't propel on oil but on electricity or on water. Earth will probably run out of petrol. Scientists will invent teleports, people will travel faster and safely. People won't have to go to work, they will work at home. I hope children won't go to school, they will learn from television and computers. The earth climate will change, there will be more and more pollution because of the factories. There will be droughts and famine, specially in Africa. I think many animals will become extinct. In Slovenia for example I think the Proteus will die out, but I hope they will survive, it doesn't matter in which way.

Edi Kovaèeviè, 9.a


I think that people in 2100 won't live on Earth like they do today. We will live on several planets across the galaxy. Advanced technology will bring us ships, so we will travel with the speed of light, computers will be so good that they will lead the mankind. People will be very happy. Technology will cause giant environmental problems.There will be a lot of trash which we will send to the moons. Many of animals will become extinct, global warming will be on every planet, you won't be drinking fresh water, because it will be too polluted, and so on. Some of these problems are also in today's world. And of course, in the future, robots will be our "slaves". They will cook, build, do chores and take care of us. In the future I don't think that there will be any wars, but the weapons will be a catastrophic danger. The cars will fly, so we won't need any planes. And there won't be any healthy food. We will eat artificial food, which will cause that people won't live 80 but 50 years.
Bine Brank, 9.b


I think people will live on Mars and they will meet aliens. I hope that aliens will land on Earth and show people their way of life. I am not sure that people will eat plastic food, because I think that there will always be agriculture. I don’t think that scientists will clone people. I hope that we will find out the cure for AIDS and cancer, because less people will die. I hope that we will live for at least 130 years, and we will be in pension at 70 years. I am not sure that Pope will be a woman because the church won’t let that happen. I know that the USA will have a woman president and that woman will be the best known woman in the world. I don’t think Slovenia will be the richest country in the world. I hope there will be peace in the world and that no one will fight against each other. If there were 3rd world war, the Earth would be destroyed. There will be less hunger in the world and the population will increase. I don’t think the world will have one common language. School week will be shorter and children will have more free time. I am sure that people will talk to computers. I hope that people will have more free time for their families. I hope that Earth won’t become warmer and I hope that there will be no droughts in Europe.
Sašo Mariè, 9.a
I do not think a lot about the future. When I do, this is how I see it. 
People will not drive their cars but they will pilot them. The cars will have autopilots, they will take us wherever we wish to go.
The housing and the housework will change as well. The whole house will be run by a computer that will have the whole control of the house. Everything in the house will be voice or fingerprint activated. The TV and computer screens will regularly be used as a tool of communication. 
Women will not need to do the housework because the robot maids will do it for them.
People will be able to stay at home and do the work there instead in an office.
The children will be home schooled by a computer or a robot.
We will travel around the galaxies just like we travel around the world. We will build hotels on other planets that will be run by the aliens.
Not only the Earth, the whole universe will become our home. I just hope that we will not pollute it as we did the Earth.
Tajda Kolenc, 9.b
If people today don't change their habits and if politics and corporations don't stop exploiting the society and the environment to get money, the world in the future will become a not very pleasant place to live.
The  climate will become warmer, icebergs in the north and south will melt which will cause the ocean sea level to rise. The coastal areas and many islands will be flooded. Local population will have to move to safer places. There will be less land for agriculture as a consequence the food will become more expensive. AIDS will become an even bigger threat to mankind and new dangerous diseases will spread all around the world. The differences between the poor and  the rich will continue to increase which may lead to social unrest or a new war. In the future drinking water will almost run out, it will become even more valuable than oil.
Because of climate changes and destruction of the forests many animals may become extinct. Some of them will survive only in zoos and nature reserves.
People and climate change will lead to the destruction of the natural environment. Because of our behaviour today the future does not look bright.

Iza Jordan, 9.b
I see the future as we have seen it in the movies like Star Wars, Robocop, Terminator etc. I don't believe that we will live on Mars but I believe that there are going to be robots doing everything for us. We won't need to go to the supermarket to buy groceries, we won't need to go to the post office, we won't need to drive our own car. Robots will do everything!
I think that school won't change, maybe tere will only be some adjustments. Timetables will be the same; they are going to have maths and P.E. but maybe the future generations of students will get some new school subjects like Living on Mars, or We are getting out of oil. What should we do! (Well, of course the name of the subject won't be so long). The medicine will advance really fast and is going to discover a lot of new cures. We are going to discover a cure for cancer and cold but the biggest problem of all is going to be AIDS. The medicine won't progress in this field because I think this is an incurable disease,

Lovro Splichal, 9.a
I think in the future there will be wars for land because the Earth is low on oil and water. There will be also wars because the Earth will get warmer and ice in the north and south poles will melt so countries that are close to oceans will lose some of their land and people won’t have any place to live. That’s  why there are going to be wars.
I believe that in our world there won’t be enough space for all people so we will be living on the moon in about 50 years.
That is because the Earth population will grow and we will be forced to go to the moon.
Because of our continuous destruction of the rain forests, many of animals will become extinct, also the Earth climate will become warmer and there will be a lot of droughts and famine in all countries, especially in the countries near the equator the possibilities for droughts and famine will be bigger.
I think that the future isn’t that bad. We will also invent good things like flying cars and cars that will run on water.
We will also invent robots that will do everything for us.

Nejc Kočica, 9.a
JOKES (Do you get them?)
1. What did the stupid ghost do?
    - Climb over the wall!
2. Where did the cow go at night?
    - To the mooooooovies!
3. Why is a math book unhappy?
    - Because it has problems.
4. Why does a girl put candy under her pillow?
    - To have sweet dreams!
5. What kind of shoes do ghosts wear?
    - Booooots!
6. What did the stupid vampire do?
    - Suck blood from a skeleton!
7. What loses its head in the morning and gets it back in the evening?
    - A pillow.
8. What do you call a fly that has got butter on it?
    - A butterfly.

jokes chosen by:
Ernest Agović and Jovica Novković, 6.b
Cher ami!
Tu vas bien? Je m'appelle Matej. J' ai  14 ans. Est-ce que tu veux être mon correspondant?
Dans ma famille, il y a ma mère, ma grand-mère, mon grand-père et mon oncle. Je vais à l'école Hinko Smrekar.
Que fais-tu dans ton pays?
Moi, en général, je fais de la natation.  À huit heures, je vais à l'école. L'après-midi, je fais deux heures de la natation. Tous les jours, je fais de la natation, je joue avec mes amis et je fais les devoirs. Le soir, je regarde la télé, je lis des livres, après je me couche..
Et toi? Qu'est-ce que tu aimes? Moi, j'aime beaucoup les jeux vidéo.
Écris-moi vite!

Matej Sluga, 9.a

Cher ami!
Tu vas bien? Je m'appelle Tadej. J' ai  14 ans. Est-ce que tu veux être mon correspondant?
Dans ma famille, il y a père, mère, frère et sœur. Je vais à l'école Hinko Smrekar.
Que fais-tu dans ton pays?
Moi, en général, je vais à l'école.  À 8.15 heures, je vais à l'école. L'après-midi, je joue au basket. Tous les jours, je fais le judo. Le soir, je regarde la télé.
Et toi? Qu'est-ce que tu aimes? Moi, j'aime beaucoup le sport.
Écris-moi vite!

Tadej Kropej, 9.b

Cher ami!
Tu vas bien? Je m'appelle Ajda. J' ai  14 ans. Est-ce que tu veux être mon correspondant?
Dans ma famille, il y a moi, le père, la mère, le frère. Je vais à l'école Hinka Smrekarja.
Que fais-tu dans ton pays?
Moi, en général, je suis bien.  À 7 heures, je me réveille. L'après-midi, je regarde la télé. Tous les jours, je vais au collège. Le soir, je fais les devoirs et je regarde la télé.
Et toi? Qu'est-ce que tu aimes?
Écris-moi vite!

Ajda Kranjc Požar, 9.a
I live in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia. I go to school in Siska. Siska is a part of Ljubljana. I always go to school on foot. I often do my homework in the evenings then I take my shower.  After that I play computer games or I watch TV. Every day I have a football training. I never go out in the evenings during the week, because I come home from my practice very late and I have too much homework to do. On Saturdays I often go out with my friend. We sometimes play football in the street, we go to the cinema or we just hang around and talk about different things. Once a week I have a football game usually on Saturdays very early in the morning. For me Sunday isn't a lazy day I usually must clean up my room or anything else for that matter. I always wake up late on Sundays then I have breakfast. Soon after the breakfast I have lunch so I eat  really big on Sundays. On Sunday evenings I feel bad because I know that the next day is Monday and I have to repeat all this again.

Lovro Splichal, 9.a

I go to school every day except Saturday and Sunday. School starts at half past eight but on Thursdays and Fridays for me it starts at 7.40. I either get up at 7.30 or at 6.45. On midweek days I wake up, get dressed, clean my teeth and brush my hair. I am not a morning person so I don't eat breakfast, but before I leave home I wake up and feed my cat. I walk to school because it's only ten minutes away from my home. I spend six or five hours at school. I am very tired when I get home so I usually listen to some music on the internet or take a rest, then I walk my dog.
After lunch I do my homework. In the evening I watch TV, then I take a shower and go to bed. On Saturdays I am very lazy and I don't do anything, but on Sundays I study and I do my homework. My week is not very exciting.

Iza Jordan, 9.b

My name is Edi. I am fourteen years old. I live in Ljubljana, in Slovenia. I go to school from Monday to Friday.
On schooldays I get up at 6:30 am or at 7 o'clock. I never have a shower in the morning. For breakfast I eat chocolate flakes. I rarely make my bed. I go to school at 7:15 am or 8 o'clock. I walk to school because it's close to my home. It take 10 minutes to get to school.
In the afternoon when I come from school I usually watch television and later I do my homework. At 3.00 pm I have lunch after lunch, on Tuesdays and Fridays I have training.
Before I have supper I study or watch television. Around 6.00 pm I have dinner. On Fridays and Saturdays after supper I play computer games for an hour or two. I go to bed at 10.00 pm or 11.00 pm.
At the end of the day I feel tired if I had training or happy if I got a good mark.

Edi Kovačevič, 9.a

I live in Ljubljana, Šiška. I go to school every day expect on Saturdays and Sundays. I always go to school on foot.
Sometimes I do my homework in the afternoon and I do it in the evening from time to time. In the evening I often play computer games, watch TV or read books.
I often go out with friends. I seldom go shopping with parents. My favourite day of the week is Friday because it’s the day when school week is over and I’m free, I can do whatever I like and I have no obligations. On Fridays I often go out with my friends, watch TV, play computer games or go to the cinema.
I like the weekend because I wake up later and everything is peaceful. On Sunday evenings I usually feel sad because the next day – Monday - is another school day and I’ll have to wake up early again.

Fran Zupančič, 9.a 

  My name is Bine Brank and I'm thirteen years old. I live in Ljubljana.
        I usually get up at seven o'clock and have a shower in the bathroom. I never have breakfast before school. Sometimes I watch television and read a newspaper. I go to school at ten past eight.
        I stay at school until 1 pm. When I come home I do my homework. Then I play computer games and answer all email I have. I don't have lunch at school so I often eat at home. When my mom comes home I go out and play games with my friends. At 5 o'clock I always  have my basketball training, and I spend about 2 hours before I come home. I have trained basketball for three years now.
         In the evening it's some time to relax. I have dinner. After dinner I watch a movie or play some chess. I've  liked this game since I started going to school. I have chess lessons on Fridays. After a movie I log on my computer and I surf on the internet. Before bed I clean my teeth.
         At the end of the day I am pretty tired so I fall asleep in 1 minute. Good night !!

Bine Brank, 9.a

My name is Attila Palkovics. I'm thirteen years old. I live in the capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana.
In the morning I usually wake up at 7.00 am. Sometimes I take a shower. Then I have breakfast. For breakfast I eat bread with butter and honey or sometimes cereals. I prepare my school bag at 7.45 am and I leave home at 7.55. I arrive to school at 8.00 am. We start school at 8.30 am. At 10.05 we have breakfast at school. I like it because we always get sandwiches. Then we have another four hours of class. That is boring. I like Thursdays because we have art class. The class ends often at 13.45 pm, after that I have lunch. After I eat double portion of delicious lunch, I meet with my friends at the schoolyard and then we play basketball which, by the way, rocks.
When I get home I eat the second lunch because I'm starving. Then I do my homework for one hour, because the teachers give us too much homework. I have to practice basketball everyday for two hours.
In the evening I watch TV for two hours or I surf on the internet. Then I take a shower. After that I eat dinner and I go sleep tired and satisfied.

Attila Palkovič, 9.b

 I live in Ljubljana and I go to Hinka Smrekarja school. I go to school on foot because I am very near. I learn Spanish every Wednesday, sing on Mondays and swim on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Mondays I have five lessons at school and when I come home I usually eat and do my homework. Then I have singing lessons. On Tuesday I have swimming in the afternoon. On Wednesday I have Spanish lessons just like I said before and on Thursday I have swimming practice again. On Friday I have seven lessons at school and nothing in the afternoon. At the weekend my family and I usually go on a one-day trip and the other day I study for school or go out with my friends.
My favourite day is Friday because I have the whole weekend in front of me. I like to stay up late and watch a good film or read. I like playing with my cat a lot. On Saturdays I like to go shopping and get some new stuff. My birthday is coming soon and I can't wait. At 18.50 every day I watch Rebelde. They are my favourite band.

Veronika Kumar, 9.b

Elvis Presley, also called »The King of rock' n roll« was one of the most popular singers in the whole world. He was born in America in 1935. He played the guitar and piano. He served in the military from 1958 to 1960 and he was promoted sergeant. He was also an actor for a while  He was performing in Las Vegas. He recorded more than 275 records. He met the president of the USA (Richard Nixon) in 1970. He had an identical twin brother (Jesse Garon), but he was raised as an only child. He married Priscila Presley in 1967. They had a lot of problems in life and they divorced. He died at the age of 42 because of health problems and drugs. He was buried in Graceland.

Sašo Marič, 9.a


New York City is one of the world's biggest cities and has a population of about 9 million. It's one of the most famous world's cities too and many tourists from all over the world come to see it.
People who live in NYC come from different countries from Europe, Africa and Asia - especially from China. The most important language spoken in NY is English, but many people speak Spanish as well.NYC is famous for many things, like buildings (Empire State Building, the Twins, Statue of Liberty…), Wall Street, NYC Central Park, famous shops, taxis - yellow cabs, rich and famous celebrities, good food, and many other things. The city is very beautiful at night too, but behind the glamour there is a lot of poverty too.
Maybe the best known day in the modern history of NYC is September 11th 2001. On this day seven years ago terrorists attacked the Twins and many people died or were injured.


Fran Zupančič, 9. a

Bill Gates is one of the richest people on earth. He was born in Seattle and graduated from Harvard.
He has a corporation called Microsoft, which makes computer programs,  like Microsoft Office Word or Microsoft Adobe Reader and Power Point, ... Some years ago he had 90 billion  dollars. He isn't such a waster, because he still lives in a wooden house. Well, large I think. And now in this time, computer  technology is very wide-spread, so he is very popular. He said in the future he will also be involved in computers.

Bine Brank, 9.b
A gangster is a criminal who becomes a member of a violent crime organization. The term gangster is used for members of the criminal organizations associated with american prohibition and the Mafia, such as the Chicago Outfit and the Five Families, and individuals such as Al Capone and Bugsy Siegel. The activities that they do are drug-trafficking, or protection rackets. Gangsters usually offer a "product" or "service", an illegal one or a legitimate business operating as a front for criminal activity. Gangsters are seen in films as The Godfather series and television shows like The Sopranos.
Edi Kovačevič, 9.a

Star wars is a sci-fi movie. At the beginning  there was a little boy Anakin. Qui-Gon Jinn , a jedi master, figured that Anakin was very talented. He asked Yoda, the grand master, if he could train him, but Yoda refused because he saw he was afraid. But Qui-Gon Jinn thought that Anakin would bring the balance to the Force and he trained him. When Anakin grew up he learned that his mother was dead, he wanted revenge and he went over to the dark side and renamed himself  Darth Vader. Siths built a Deathstar that was a destructive weapon, which was good at destroying planets. When there were almost no jedies left Darth Vader found out that he had a son who became a jedi. In the end they had a jedi fight. Luke won, Darth Vader died and his spirit went over to the bright side again.

Nejc Kočica, 9.a

Hollywood is a district in the city of L.A.,California. Many historic Hollywood theaters are used as venues and concert stages to premiere major theatrical releases and host the Academy Awards. It is a popular destination for nightlife and tourism and home to the Hollywood Walk of fame. In the earlier starts of the cinema movies were created in differrent parts of the USA. Two reasons were the main factor that Hollywood should be the center of the movie industry. These reasons are:

1. The weather-Guaranted 350 days of sun

2. A lot of different backgrounds.

Lovro Splichal, 9.a

New York is the capital city of the USA. It's a very big city also known as the
Big Apple. New York has Statue of Liberty which the French gave to the Americans. New York has a very big population and very strong economy. Many people in New York eat fast food.

Veronika Kumar, 9.b
In odern life TV is very important for gathering information. More importantly, it's for people's entertainment. Some people believe TV is bad for kids because they spend all their free time watching movies and cartoons instead of studying and playing with their comrades. But however they can learn some important things as well from Discovery Channel or National Geographic. They argue that children should watch TV less.
I think grown-ups and children should watch TV in normal amounts so they can get information they need for the latest changes in life. Children watch TV for too long and grown-ups don't watch it long enough.
TV isn't that bad at all. If they didn't invent TV, we wouldn't be able to get information from the whole world so fast. If we get bored, we can watch TV and have some fun. If they didn't invent TV, unemployment would be much bigger.
Although there are some bad things about TV. It runs on electricity and we have to pay for it. All channels aren't free and you have to pay monthly for watching them. You need to get a DVD player for watching films on DVD-s. Television emits radiation which is harmful.
In the end there are more good things about TV than bad ones. We should be proud of inventing TV but being mad at children for watching TV for too long is justified. They watch some stupid shows and cartoons instead of spending their time with friends, parents and their family.
That's why there are so many depressed teenagers which do bad things like suicides.
But it's nice to see the whole family watching TV together without arguments and violence.

Sašo Marić, 9.a

I think almost every family has a television. As I see it people watch it too much, sometimes they can't even decide what to watch. Children watch television nearly half the day, because they watch a lot of cartoons. Parents watch television to see the news or maybe a movie. I believe teenagers don't watch television too much, for example they rather go out with friends, listen to music or they chat with friends on the internet. I think television is a medium which gives information, on the other hand we can watch it for entertainment. Some people say that television »isn't good«, but I believe it's good to watch television at least to see what's happening around the world. They argue that children shouldn't watch television, but in my opinion they should watch it to have fun, but not too long - they could watch it for an hour or two.
In my view everyone should watch television. You can find a lot of interesting things, you can get new information and learn new things. I recommend television channels like Discovery Channel or CNN. On Discovery Channel you can get a lot of scientific information, on CNN you can watch news almost all day, I think.
Good point of television is that you can see new things or get information, for example you can watch a lot of educational kinds of films, for example historical .
The bad point is that people watch television too much and sometimes too close to it so they have to wear glasses later. There are a lot of series and if people begin to watch it,  they will want to watch it everyday, or maybe worse, they become addicted to it.
I support watching television to a certain point, but people are overdoing it too often.

Edi Kovačević, 9.a

I think that television is very important in the way of life that we live. We are informed from the television, we get all our info there. I believe that without television life would be a lot easier because we wouldn`t need to be on our couch at a particular time we, could be outside in the park in the beautiful nature.
However, a lot of people believe that we relax in front of the television. I don` t believe that because if we watch TV too much we have to strain our brains and brains don` t relax. Of course, I am no medical expert.
My point of view is that we should have TV maybe for fun so that we won`t be depressed but we shouldn`t become couch potatoes.
Good points of television are that we get a lot of information from it and if there were a disaster of some kind it would be published on television, so that is a good part of TV.
Bad parts of TV are that we watch it for too long and we don` t read books anymore and that we stopped hanging out with our friends. We are less socialized because of TV.
Well, my opinion is that we should watch it but in moderation. We get a lot of infos from it so that is good but it hurts our eyes and brains, we get a lot dumber because of television.

Lovro Splichal, 9.a