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U.S. Dep't. of State - Travel Warnings & Consular Advisories
Your Longitude & Latitude Correct Time for Major US Cities, Countries & World Regions
USNO NAVSTAR GPS - Operations & Navigation Acronyms.
US Coast Guard - Y2K LORAN-C & DGPS: Navigation Center Primary Site & (+text version)
US Naval Observatory - GPS Satellite Timing Data - GPS Manufacturers - Other Links - Tutors
NJ State - NAVigation Satellite Time And Ranging Global Positioning System (slideshow) (+graphic version)
FAS - Satellite Navigation, Military (Federation of American Scientists)
GPS JPO Space & Missile Systems Center - NAVSTAR GPS Novella (30Jun96, 58 pages) An Animated Pulsing Star Icon.

  • Online Real-Time Clocks:
      1. GeT:
      2. GeT - Greenwich Electronic Time
      3. Desktop Clock Download (9x,2K,ME,NT)
      4. Web Site Clock
      5. Add to your website
      6. Calculate Time between world locations
      7. Meeting Coordinator Clock, world
      8. Online Clocks & Calendars
      9. More Online
        1. Mystical Time Grid - Meanings of Days and Months
        2. Educational Links re Time
        3. Online System Clock Setting
    1. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT/UCT/UTC/Universal/Zulu) + Time/Offsets Worldwide
    2. Greenwich Meridian 2000 - The Official Countdown to the Millennium & Other Official Clocks World Wide
    3. Horology - The Index (The Science of Timekeeping, Clocks & Watches; 200 pp. +/- 3000 links)
    4. Italian Standard Time & Tempo Campione Italiano
    5. Istituto Elettrotecnico Nazionale Galileo Ferraris - Internet Time Services [links] Torino, Italy
    6. NIST - Current UTC Time & Format & Atomic Web Clock (Java)
      1. NIST & USNO Graphical Clock/Sun View of Earth (java) & non-javascript
        1. Telephone Time-of-Day
        2. NIST Physics Laboratory - Time & Frequency Division - internet time service
          Radio stations:
        1. WWVB (Colorado - consumer clocks, watches, network time synchronization, frequency calibrations)
        2. WWV (Colorado),
        3. WWVH (Hawaii),
        4. Links to manufacturers of time and frequency receivers (GPS, GPSB, HF, LORAN, VB, VBC [consumer clocks/watches, etc.]).
    7. Time Services [Alex A Sergejew] & Ephemerides & Weather & WX & Satellite Images
    8. US Federal Communications Commission (FCC ) Y2K Information Resources & Month/Day Countdown
    9. US Naval Observatory (USNO) Master (Talking) Universal Time Clock   (RealAudio -or- MS Media Player)
      USNO Display of Current Time UTC (UTC time conversion links) & World Time Zones (map, selectable, explanation)
      USNO Millennium Page - Countdown to the Year 2001
    10. World Time by Country, Regions, States, Major Cities
    11. Global Metric Time Service - local time for a specific location(s), correctly adjusted for daylight saving
      Additional time types via 'Heavens-Above GmbH' Satellite Information & GNIS sites include: Local time offset from UTC, Day of year, Julian day number, Modified Julian day number, TAI-UTC (seconds),
      Local sidereal time (mean), Greenwich sidereal time (mean), Time in two-line element format.

  • HTLM/Java/Web Page/Flashmedia Clock Examples
    1. Arachnoid's Java script Web Page Clocks [links}
    2. Daylight/Darkness World Display (UTC, current, Julian, Map) from Sun, Moon, NightSide
      (also satellite views: topo map, clouds, IR clouds, color weather, living earth)
    3. Death Clock (computes your expected date of death, seconds remaining, related links)
    4. Decimal Time (w/analog & digital displays) [explanations of many other time bases for clocks]{many time related links]
    5. Ecben.net's: Today in History (Multi-Cultural Dates/Calendars/Time Forms, Holidays, Conversions, from A-Z)
      also see: Harrold's Today-in-History Links
    6. Human Hands drawing Date & Time 'real-time.' (Industorious Clock) (a screensaver of sorts)
    7. Time Hack Screen in GMT (Zulu) Time (UPT Prep Time Hack, NIST)
    8. Time in Cities Worldwide (select areas, sort by country/time) from Time and Date (timeanddate.com])
      [timezones, clock, and worldwide calendars]
    9. Time Ticker - set pc time, humorous sounds, world click map, time zones'n cities (hear time: all time zones & major cities; RA, Flash) (Zwernemann's [.com])
    10. U.S. Official Time (with daylight/darkness map, includes territories, UTC, by zone, NIST/USNO)
      + World Time Zones Map & download progam to set your PC time via the internet via the NIST or USNO
    11. ( Free Real Player Download)
    [ source of some of the above from Martin Sargent at 'The Screen Savers'] (+ binary, hex, nerd, atomic)

  • Time/Clock Related Downloads:   [user name: anonymous, password: your email address]
    1. About Time, A Four Source Time Client (Arachnoid)
    2. Atomic Clock Synchronize Your PC (alt1 - World Time Server Alt2) (fast/easy) & Time Zone Map & Time & Chaos Program
    3. Award BIOS based PCs Y2K free web based Test/Fix Utility Download
    4. Cursor Clock - small mouse pointer clock, 12/24 hour (unobtrusive, on my desktop) Animated New Item GIF.
    5. Clocks & Time Synchronization Links (NTP, radio, phone, dial-up, GPS)
    6. Home Planet Screen Saver (Win) [local time, earth day/night view, moon phase & position]
    7. McAfee's - Free Online Y2K Diagnostics Applications, Data, Hardware
    8. Microsoft & Nine (9) Others Offer Free Y2k Virus Protection (1Nov99)(download links)
    9. Millennium TM Screen Saver for Windows (Win'95/98)
    10. Multilingual Talking/Speaking Clock (Leif Porsklev) (languages includes Cherokee) [original URL]
    11. NetSavers Y2K TSR Scanner Kit (Sutton Designs, 31Aug99)
    12. NIST Internet Time Service - Automatically set your computer clock software download (win3.1, win9x, source files)
    13. RISS - 'Attack of the Y2K Bug' Screen Saver (free version)
    14. T-Minus Y2K Countdown Clock Win3xx/95-98 (Marco Software)
    15. Time Synch Programs (DaveCentral's)
    16. Y2K Screen Saver - Others & Y2K Consult., Gov't., Assoc's., Educ., Software, Links (Silkmoth)
    17. WinGlobe, A tiny earth Win95/NT desktops Time & population of thousands of cities.
    18. Y2K Countdown Clock & Docs & fooWare! Home Page (Lambrecht) [Netscape]
    19. Y2K/Time Page
    20. Y2K Online Compliance Check (ZDNet download 15Dec99)
    21. ZDNet Y2K Related & Compliance Downloads (good source)
    If You Are Viewing This Page With Netscape, Click Here to see fooWare! clocks

  • Clock/Time Related Articles, Guidelines, Resources, Tips, Y2K:
    1. "What Time is it on your Spacecraft?" - USCCS Clock Correlation Worksheet & Calculator - USCCS for the Common Man
    2. Internet Clocks, Counters, Countdowns (extensive)
    3. Real Time, Live/Personalized Y2K Training/Support - 15 Minute session
    4. Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) Y2K Resources & Links
      FEMA Disaster Preparedness Plans & Guides [food/water/kits] (community, family, personal)
    5. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Y2K Site
    6. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Y2K & the Food Supply-Grocery/Convenience Chain/Name Index
    7. ZDTV Y2K News & Resources
    8. Law Resource Center Y2K & US & International & Russia & Toll-Free Phone Help & Fed.Gov. & States
    9. Satellite Tracking Real-Time Using Your Coordinates (Heavens-Above GmbH)(see GNIS below)
    10. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) (2M+ Locations, US - Also World Location Links)
    11. Declan McCullagh's Y2k - Space, Antitrust, Censorship, Internet Regulation Newsletter Politics & Articles
    12. '..Last Minute Y2k Help..' by John McCormick   ("Government Computer News" (GCN) 23Aug99, pp. 38/46)
         Federal Year 2000 COTS Products Searchable Database
         Federal Y2K Biomedical Equipment Clearinghouse
         Y2K Compliance Searchable Database For Consumers
         Wisconsin's Y2K Consumer Information, Emergency/Medical/Resources, Links, UnderCover Investigation
         Searchable Vendor Database of Y2K Product Readiness (Electronic Data Systems EDS)
    13. Hoax Lists at: IBM & ICSA & Network Assoc's & Symantec
      Hoaxes, Security Resources, Virus Info [CIAC]
      Computer Incident Advisory Capability - US Dep't. of Energy
      Harrold's Antivirus, Hoaxes, PC/Lan Security Links Page
    14. Will 9/9/99 Create Y2K-Like Havoc? by Jim Wolf (Reuters,27Aug99)
    15. 'Y2K & Your Family' A 6-Point Preparations List by Jim Seymour (PC Mag, 5Aug99)
    16. Government plans [multi-million $] Y2K bunker By Jim Wolf (Reuters/ZDNN,29Jul99)
    17. Contingency Planning, Y2K Survival Articles by Susan Conniry (Westergaard)
      Failsafe? Y2K May Prove to be A Failsafe Situation. By Susan Conniry (19Jul99)
    18. All That Glitters... Gold is still the worst Y2K hedge An Opinion By Mitch Ratcliffe (ZDY2K, 12Jul99)
    19. Microsoft says Y2K e-mail message is a hoax By Anne Knowles (PC Week Online 9Jul99)
    20. "The government's secret Y2K plans" By Jack Anderson & Jan Moller (www.desnews.com)(3May99)
    21. Y2K-What You Need to Know...gov't. recommends...preparation by Stephanie Vollmer (NC News,9Jul99)
    22. Year 2000 (Y2K) News Links  From news sources worldwide - Updated Daily - Free eMail Newsletter
    23. Automobiles - Will Your Vehicle Survive the Y2K?
    24. Determining the Date of Easter by Richard Thompson
    25. Far Left Propaganda vrs Millenium 'Y2Kaos':Fear of Computer Bug Fueling Far Right Far Right Rhetoric
    26. 'US, Russia Ponder Nuke Danger Of Y2K' by Adam Tanner (21Feb99,Reuters Moscow)
    27. BSI-DISC PD2000-1 A Definition of Year 2000 Conformity Requirements
    28. Hermetic's Y2K, Clocks, Date/Calendars, & Traveling Salesman
    29. Microsoft Y2K Readiness Disclosure & Resource Center
    30. NTP - Network Time Protocol - Servers - Primary - Secondary
    31. Tech Week Article - Fed stashes cash to prepare for Y2K [2Nov98]
    32. US Fed. Gov't. for Year 2000 Directories & Resources & (Any Y2K &/or Fed.Y2K)
    33. USNO 'The 21st Century & the 3rd Millennium - When Will They Begin?'
    34. World Wide Time Zone Conversion Charts [HTML v4.0 Transitional]
    35. ZD Net PC Magazine's "What To Do About the Year 2000"
    36. ZD Net Y2K Watch Newsletter, Y2K Downloads, Links, & Analysis, Resouces
    37. ZD Net Y2K Debate Article & Watch the 23Feb99 Debate [WebCast]
    38. ZD Net's IT Wall Street 3-Day Y2K Conference Feb.23-25 WebCast Program Guide [broadcast/rebroadcast]
    39. On 7Jan99, The US Gov. Opened A Toll-Free Y2K Help Line Phone Number at 1-888-872-4925
      Clear Space .gif(1-888-USA-4Y2K)

  • Calendars:
    single pixel gifBy Calendar, 2002 Will Be:
    single pixel gif
    single pixel gif2000 - By Christ's Birth circa 4 B.C.-7 B.C.
    single pixel gif2756 - By the Old Roman
    single pixel gif2751 - By the Ancient Babylonian
    single pixel gif6239 - By the First Egyptian
    single pixel gif5762 - By the Hebrew/Jewish
    single pixel gif1422 - By the Moslem
    single pixel gif13801 - By the Persian
    single pixel gif1719 - By the Greek/Coptic
    single pixel gif2547 - By the Buddhist
    single pixel gif1996 - Ethiopean
    single pixel gif5121 - in the Current Maya Great Cycle
    single pixel gif (Short Descriptions)
    single pixel gif PreHispanic (Aztec [Sunwheel] )
    single pixel gifConvert Gregorian to Mayan Dates
    single pixel gif 211 - by the French Revolution
    single pixel gif...from David Duncan's book, Calendar
    single pixel gif - and -
    single pixel gifTet - The Vietnamese New Year
    single pixel gifTe^'t Ta^n Ti. (i.e. year of the Earth Horse).
    single pixel gif2002 February 12-2003 January 31st.
    single pixel gifChinese Year of the Black Horse.
    single pixel gifIt is Year 4699 by Chinese calendar.
    single pixel gifThe Chinese 60 year calendar cycle
    single pixel gifThe 12 Animals & Number System of the Chinese Calendary
    single pixel gif (free screensaver) & (Print A Chinese Calendar for 2002)
    single pixel gifChinese New Year & solar/lunar Calendar print (ChinaPage)
    single pixel gifThe Lunar Calenday in Japan
    A Printable Hebrew Calendar (civil/religious, src:Haresmima.com) Gregorian: :Hijri (Islamic)

    Gregorian-Hijri Dates Calendar Converter (The Hijri date is the Islamic Calendar)
    Track Events in Gregorian/Hijri date/times, download
    International Calendars in Java ( Real Code)
    [Arabic, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, and Thai]

    Tarek's Hijri/Gregorian/Julian: Old Style; Day; Modified/Moon Phase; Age; Synoptic Period/Jewish Clock/Time/Calendar History & Universal Converter
    Ecben.net's: Today in History; Multi-Cultural Dates/Calendars/Time Forms, Holidays, Conversions, from A-Z

    Calendars, history plus
    Today in Anglo-Saxon History
    Today-in-History Links
    Calendars & Time - from Eric Weisstein's 'World of Astronomy'    (Eric's Other Sites) The Islamic (Hijri) Calendar

    Hebrew Calendar

    Global Shabbat Candle Lighting Times Calculator (daily sunrise/sunset schedule)

    Calendar Conversions: Gregorian, Julian day, Modified Julian day, Julian Calendar, Hebrew, Islamic, Perisian, Mayan, Bahá'í, Indian Civil (India), French Republican, ISO-8601, Unix value, Excel Serial Day Number, 1904 Date System Macintosh (1904-9999) [fourmilab.ch]

    A Month Calendar for any Year
    (+ How months got their names, day of week in 7 languages, birthstones, flowers assoicated with months, Roman & Greek Gods associated with their function, Blue Moon dates to 2026, History of the Western Calendar, Clock History, Calendars of the World)

    Get Current Time with World Time Server
    Enter a country or city:

    Be A Human Calendar (calculate days of week in your head 1800-2199)
    Free 10,000 year & 100 Year Perpetual Calendars downloads
    from Calendarhome.com

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    Chinese Sign:
    Zodiac Calculator script
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    Norton's Y2K Bios
    A Free Download Icon for A Y2K Fix.
    Test/Fix PCs

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