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M 68

Kroglasta kopica - Globular Cluster M68 (NGC 4590), class X, in hydra

Rektascenzija 12 : 39.5 (u:m)
Deklinacija -26 : 45 (sto:m)
Razdalja 32.3 (*1000 sv.l.)
Vizual. magnituda 7.8 (mag)
Zorni kot 12.0 (loc min)

This 8-8.4 mag globular cluster lies at 33-40,000 light years, and its members are spread over a volume of about 140 light years diameter. It has at least 42 known variables, and is approaching us at 112 km/sec.

The nearby mark in the lower right shows the non-member Mira-type variable FI Hydrae, which has a period of about 324 days and can become as bright as 9th magnitude, and thus the appearence of the field varies considerably.

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