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M 29

Odprta kopica - Open Cluster M29 (NGC 6913), type 'd', in cygnus

Rektascenzija 20 : 23.9 (u:m)
Deklinacija +38 : 32 (sto:m)
Razdalja 4.0 (*1000 sv.l.)
Vizual. magnituda 7.1 (mag)
Zorni kot 7.0 (loc min)

M29 is a rather coarse and less impressive cluster, situated in the highly crowded area of Milky Way near Gamma Cygni, at a distance of 7,200 (most sources including Mallas/Kreimer and Burnham) or 4,000 light years (the latter from Kenneth Glyn Jones and the Sky Catalog 2000).

W.A. Hiltner of Yerkes Observatory, in 1954, found the light of its stars rather polarized by interstellar matter, which is apparently 1,000 times denser around this cluster and may absorb so much light that the cluster would be 3 magnitudes brighter if viewed "freely"! Also in 1954, Harris reported irregular obscurations of cluster member stars (perhaps by passing interstellar dark matter through the line of sight).

According to the Sky Catalog 2000, M29 is included in the Cygnus OB1 association, and approaching us at 28 km/sec. Its age is estimated at 10 million years, as its hottest star is of spectral class B0. Its Trumpler class is III,3,p,n (as it is associated with nebulosity), although Götz gives, differently, II,3,m. The Sky catalog lists it with 50 member stars.

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