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M 12

Kroglasta kopica - Globular Cluster M12 (NGC 6218), class IX, in ophiuchus

Rektascenzija 16 : 47.2 (u:m)
Deklinacija -01 : 57 (sto:m)
Razdalja 17.6 (*1000 sv.l.)
Vizual. magnituda 6.7 (mag)
Zorni kot 14.5 (loc min)

M12 is nearly a twin of its apparent neighbor, M10, and is only slightly larger and an idea fainter. Nevertheless, it was once believed to be an intermediate type between globular and dense open clusters (like M11), as it is not very concentrated. At its distance of about 18,000 light years, the apparent diameter of M12 of 14.5 arc minutes corresponds to about 75 light years. This stellar swarm is approaching us at 16 km/sec.

Alan Sandage has found 13 variables in M12.

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