Small-Body Orbital Elements Table Generator

Select: constrained as follows:
(Epoch year nearest YYYY.YY, comets only, optional)

Enter constraints as "OP #" (where OP is one of ">=",">","<=","<","=")
or "#-#" which specifies a range of values. In either case, "#" must be a numeric value.
Examples: ">2", "<=0.5", "0.9-1.5"
(A blank entry implies no constraint.)

Inclination (deg., J2000-Ecliptic)
Longitude of the Ascending Node (deg., J2000-Ecliptic)
Argument of Perihelion (deg., J2000-Ecliptic)

Table Output Fields

* Name (and number) Semi-major Axis Perihelion Distance
* Designation Eccentricity Argument of Perihelion
* Epoch of Elements Inclination Longitude of the Ascending Node
* Orbit Reference Mean Anomaly Time of Perihelion Passage
* Orbital Period DASTCOM Record

Additional Table Output Options

Skip "D/" comets
Epoch in MJD

NOTE: Table generation could take up to a few minutes.

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