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UL TRAINER Primary type glider
UL-TRAINER is an ultralight glider for learning how to fly with "low efficiency glider". It can be launched by bungee rope, by aerotow, or rolling down the slope.
Materials: aluminum tubes, Dacron
Similar existing constructions: BUG 2-4, GOAT, Super Floater, but all of them are much efficient-they can soar, but UL-Trainer cant :-(
This construction was strongly induced by excelent work of "Mike Sandlin and his BUG and X-gliders"


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outlook3 outlook3 This glider is made for training of operating and flying an ultralight glider. It is not some new discovery, such gliders exist from very beginings of sailplane history. They were build from wood and fabric, but this glider is made from tubes and cloth for simplicity.
The main structure comprise from aluminum tubes, some brackets and bolts to hold parts together, some stel wires for rigging and dacron sailcloth for covering of flying surfaces. All at all, the construction methods are already known from wide variety of present ultralight airplanes.
The glider can be folded down to main parts such as: left and right wing halves, tail, front fuselage part. If storage and/or transportation demands small packages, all glider parts (each wing, tail and fuselage construction) can be folded further down, to minimum possible dimensions, and each part is then inserted in the zipped bag and ready for storage or transport on top of car.
The glider will fly like an old Rogallo type hang glider, so it wont be possible to made extended duration flight. It is not constructed for that. It s main puprose is to have fun gliding down from local hilss to landing place doing some "S" turns until landing. Take of can be made by bungee rope, auto tow, ultralight towing, or simply (as Mike Sandlin practise on his BUG) rolling down on apropriate (and clean) slope...