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102 English Tips Another Quick Guide to Avoiding “Slovenglish” (with Andrej Stopar) [FREE!]
Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana Press, 2014.
101 English Tips: A Quick Guide to Avoiding "Slovenglish" [FREE!]
Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana Press, 2012.
Culture Smart! Slovenia [SAMPLE]
London: Kuperard/Random House, 2011.
Canadian Hockey Literature. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010.
Interview with Adrian Brijbassi, author of 50 Mission Cap
"Must say I read a good deal of your book with great enthusiasm, then I separated from what is now my ex partner. The two incidents are not related." (Strange SMS from Sweden)
"I got your book and started to read it and am enjoying the non-gobblygook academic language" (Poet Endre Farkas)
"Blake is a sensible reader. Indeed, though this is an academic study, the general reader ... will find no difficulty." (SubTerrain magazine)
"Blake has written a thoughtful and comprehensive examination. ... Blake’s writing style is crisp and the book flows well." (American Review of Canadian Studies)
"in, of all places, Slovenia" Review from Macleans
Review from The Winnipeg Free Press
Review from The Waterloo Record
Review from Joe Pelletier's Hockeybookreviews.com
Not a review, but probably the definitive account of crottin in hockey
Writing Short Literature Essays - A Textbook with Exercises for Slovenian Students Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, 2011.
TABLE OF CONTENTS and topics covered

Translations (selection)

  • A Selection of Poems by Fiston Mwanza Mujila. (Translated from French for the 2014 Vilenica Festival). Available at 29. Vilenica: From Language to Language. Even if you don't speak French, do listen to his electrifying performances at: www.lyrikline.org/
  • Miriam Drev. "In the Gilded City" (Excerpt from V pozlačenem mestu - translated from Slovenian for the 2013 Vilenica Festival). Available at 28. Vilenica: Inspiration of Borders.
  • Brita Steinwendtner. "You Angel You Devil" (Excerpt from Du Engel Du Teufel - translated from German for the 2013 Vilenica Festival). Available at 28. Vilenica: Inspiration of Borders.
  • Dimitré Dinev. "No Wonder" ("Kein Wunder" - translated from German for the 2012 Vilenica Festival).
  • Dimitré Dinev. "Let's Listen to the Radio" ("Lass uns Radio hören" - translated from German for the 2012 Vilenica Festival).
  • Pino Roveredo. "Germana's Daisies" ("Le margherite di Germana" - translated from the Slovenian version for the 2012 Vilenica Festival).
  • Maja Haderlap. Excerpt from Engel des Vergessens (translated from German for the 2012 Vilenica Festival).
  • Angelika Reitzer. Excerpt from unter uns (translated from German for the 2011 Vilenica Festival). Available at 26. Vilenica: Read me Live. Ljubljana: 2011. 230-232.
  • Salvatore Niffoi. Excerpt from Ritorno a Baraule (translated from the Slovenian version for the Vilenica Festival). Available at Vilenica 25 . Ljubljana: 2010. 136-138.
  • Ivan Dolenc. Excerpt from "For a Dollar of Humanity" (Za dolar človečnosti) In: Migrating Memories: Central Europe in Canada. Vol. 1, Literary Anthology. (Ed.) Vesna Lopičić. Brno: Central European Association for Canadian Studies, 2010 .
  • Ted Kramolc. "The Perfect Room." In: Migrating Memories: Central Europe in Canada. Vol. 1, Literary Anthology. (Ed.) Vesna Lopičić. Brno: Central European Association for Canadian Studies, 2010.
  • A. Hallerstein A. Hallerstein - Liu Songling: The Multicultural Legacy of Jesuit Wisdom and Piety at the Qing Dynasty Court (translated Hallerstein's letters from China, with much help from Andrej Stopar)
  • Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Mirror of Reality and Dreams: Stories and Confessions by Ivan Cankar (actually a co-production with Jernej Možic) "The translation by Jason Blake reads extremely well." (Review in Slovene Studies - Journal of the Society of Slovene Studies)
  • Irena Avsenik Nabergoj, Longing, Weakness and Temptation: From Myth to Artistic Creation (with Alenka Blake)
  • Sonja Merljak, Literary journalism in the United States of America and Slovenia (co-translated with the author.)

Recent mini-essays, musings and m...reviews

Book chapters, etc. (selection)

  • ------. ‘Man hält mich wohl für blöd...’ In Marco Krajnc's Im Ausland leben für Dummies. Weinheim: Wiley, 2011. [ad hoc English translation]
  • ------. ‘Was hätte Glenn Gould über Bernhards Roman Der Untergeher gesagt? : die (kanadische) Persönlichkeit in und hinter dem Werk In: Thomas Bernhard Gesellschaftliche und politische Bedeutung der Literatur (ed.) Johann Lughofer. Vienna: Böhlau, 2011.
  • ------. ‘“Just Part of the Game” – Depictions of Violence in Hockey Prose.’ In: Canada’s Game? Critical Essays on Ice Hockey and Identity. (ed.). Andrew C. Holman. Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2009. "Like all such anthologies, different chapters are more or less interesting depending on one's tastes - me, I recommend Jason Blake's essay subtitled 'Depictions of Violence in Hockey Prose' [...]" (Christopher Dornon, Literary Review of Canada, April 2010)
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