My garden is enclosed by cypresses, which offer protection against the wind, which is very common in our country. Grow in the garden, already high trees and Rhododendrons, ornamental apple trees and cherry and other ornamental shrubs. On the lawn, which is great, the stem roses are arranged, turned footpaths leading to a wide variety of perennial crops, host, azelej, klematisov the pleasant corner for rest and sprostitev.V the second part of the garden surprises beautiful view of the pond with a myriad of flowers and semi-aquatic plants lokvanja .

The garden also offers many delights, such as: American blueberries, gooseberries, Jost, vaccinated, blackberries, espanol (white and red jurka) žižula, kaki, strawberries ... as well as a small vegetable garden provides much of the domestic crop.

The most beautiful days in my garden but when flourish roses (about 270 plants) and the Lepse was vzpenjave roses in winter garden, the garden hut and those who are climbing and olepšajo canopy trees with thousands of flowers.