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Prof. Emeritus Cene Bavec, PhD
University of Primorska


Cene Bavec, born in 1946, graduated in Physics (1972), received the Master's degree in Operational Research (1975) and the Ph.D. degree in Information and Management Sciences (1996) at the University of Ljubljana. His employments until retirement in 2013:

* IBM System Engineer, Intertrade - IBM,  Ljubljana (1972-1976)
Consultant, Institute Jozef Stefan, Ljubljana (1976-1978)
* Consultant, School of Administration, Ljubljana (1978-1980)
* Acting Director, Government Center for Informatics (1980-1982)
* Deputy Director, Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (1982-1996)
* Advisor to the Government, Ministry of Justice and Administration (1986-1992)
* Advisor to the Government, Ministry of Science and Technology (1992-1995)
* State Undersecretary, Ministry of Science and Technology (1995-1998)
* State Secretary, Ministry of Science and Technology (1998-2000)
* Dean, School of Management Koper, Slovenia (2001-2002)
Manager of IBM University Relations Programs in Central Europe and Russia, IBM CEMA (2004-2006)
* Professor, University of Primorska, Slovenia (retired 2013)
* Professor Emeritus, University of Primorska (2014)

He received the Slovenian Donald Michie and Alan Turing Lifetime Achievement Award.(2006)