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TOZIBABE - EP Dezuje re-issue
(FV music + Ne! Records)

This year Fv music together with Ne! Records will re-issue the legendary EP Tozibabe »Dezuje«.

In the year of 1986 FV released their first and only solo record - EP called Dezuje (FV zalozba, FV 003) which today has kult status everywhere. Tozibabe are one of the first slovenian HC/punk bands and they are the first slovenian and yugoslavian all-female rock band where only girls are the authors of all music and lyrics. The members were Marsa, Lidija and Krischka from the beginnig till the end, at the very first beginning also Pika and in the period when they had been recording their 7’’ “Dezuje” also Barbara on the keybords. They play original, energetic, primitive and raw hardcore. Their lyrics are very gloomy and desperate, more on the personal side. They’ve also recorded some videospots with their authorial scenario and direction. One interesting thing about Tozibabe is that they were changing duties at instruments for each song, and were all screaming. Their best gig was at Belegrades Academy. They also had gig at Solun. In 1985 Tozibabe appeared also on the kult LP compilation Hard Core Ljubljana, released by FV zalozba again.





 new album out: THUNDERBABIES "Kick off"

(fv music 2014)




Thunderbabies are a kick in the ass to all the fainthearted nod-heads, who cannot decide what to listen to, which concerts to go to or which spheres of contemporary rock production even appeal to them.

Their long awaited second official album "Kick-off" could mean a beginning or something far more edgy. It can be a kick in the ass to all the bewilderd ears that were lost in the world of 7/4 time compositions. It could also be a call to all those who sincerely dislike the fake glare of reality. The Thunderbabies' story covers explosive and dynamic rhythmic energy, soaked with raw guitar riffs which interact with the banality of repetitive reality. Vocals are rough, immersed in the modern rock swamp and poke fun at pathetic omniscience, arrogance and ignorance. They offer you the perfect recipe for rock'n'roll therapy. Punk-rock, blues, garage, high energy rock'n'roll and ultimately,  deep respect for the tradition of rock'n'roll merging with sarcastic critique of the modern world. "Kick-off!" is filled with desire and pleasure, a call for freedom of body and mind.

The second album of the expressive Thunderbabies quartet not only impresses with direct rock expression, but also with a strong substantial outbreak which will work as a breath of fresh air for your beaten, tired, frustrated and depressed soul. The album will arouse the desire for immediate rock'n'roll action which shouldn't surprise you since Thunderbabies have been waiting for this since 2002, when they released their first demo album "K4-411". In the past decade the quartet from Ljubljana developed a completely unique and recognizable sound. In 2004 they self-released their first album, which was promoted at numerous gigs in Slovenia and across the border. In the same year Radio Študent chose them as one of the 6 finalists of their traditional annual event “Klubski maraton”. In the years between 2005 and 2014 they shared stages with many rock 'n' roll bands such as Pierced Arrows, The Bellrays, Lombego Surfers, Res Nullius, Hic Et Nunc, Erotic Biljan & His Heretics, The Babies, Muškat Hamburg etc. As guitarist Tomaz Berginc jumped on board in 2012 the band prepared the ground for the new album. The band gained a fresh start, but still, another transformation was yet to come. At the end of 2013 explosive and energetic drummer Juš Šenica replaced Peter Nose. In April the newly re-formed quartet went to the studio Soundlab D. With  the colaboration of Gregor Dovjak at the mixing board they created an ecstatic rock'n'roll story, consisting of 16 dynamic rock'n'roll delicacies. This album presents a rock explosion, which will move every part of your unsatisfied body.

Thunderbabies are:

Alenka Hrvatin Škerjanc (Thunderbaby) - bass, vocals

Juš Šenica - drums, vocals

Tomaz Berginc - guitar, vocals

Brane Škerjanc Bruc - guitar, vocals

June 16th @ Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana:

FV rock festival 2015:



+ CAN OF BEES (slo)

+ DJ Hibari (slo)

black mountain



FV Music is Slovenia's oldest independent label and promoter agency in alternative, recently mostly rock music.

As a label FV has been documenting with a pioneering spirit Slovenian alternative rock for thirty years. It was the first to expose Laibach's music to the listeners. As a booking agent FV took two of the most exposed bands from its roster, Dicky B. Hardy and Hic Et Nunc, to an American coast-to-coast tour in 1998 and 1999. The tour marked the first occasion of Slovenian musicians having toured the States without the support of a multinational music label.  As a promoter FV has been bringing challenging sounds from groups as different as Einsturzende Neubauten and Dead Moon, Jim Jones Revue and Tambours du Bronx to the audiences in Slovenia as well as in countries from ex-Yougoslavia.

FV Music was established in 1985 by the musicians of the group Borghesia and a circle of music aficionados that had previously run Disco FV, the first punk club in Ljubljana. FV, for several years the only Yugoslav independent label, was born out of necessity to satisfy the creative impulses of its founding members. Today FV is the nation's first in promoting and booking alternative r'n'r bands. It has a strong network of relationships with clubs and local promoters in Slovenia and other ex-Yugoslavian countries. It has a number of long-standing contacts with European and American agencies, and it has a roster with some of the most exiting and popular r'n'r bands in Slovenia and Croatia – The Bambi Molesters, The Babies, Dicky B. Hardy, Hic et Nunc, The Spoons, Kud Idijoti, …. These are the bands that on the Slovenian and ex-Yugoslavian club circuit guarantee a good night out. In the Slovenia of today FV is a synonym for rock & roll. 

FV Music is run by Monika Skaberne. She has been with FV from the very beginning, although she has also worked as a musical director of KUD France Prešeren (once a very fine rock venue), as the head of the organization and music editor in K4 (a cult club in the centre of the capital), as the program director and coordinator in Gala hala Metelkova (first squatted place in Slovenia) and as a musical selector for various festivals in Slovenia and Croatia. Monika Skaberne says of FV: "We got our independence before the state of Slovenia itself. The  need to express ourselves musically was driving us free ahead of our time. Now, almost 30 years later, our passion for music is as strong as ever. It is the music and musicians that we are working for and they are  most precious for us. That's the way it is and that's the way it will always be."

As a recognized cultural subject FV has been awarded the Maršev Gojzar Prize in 1999 for its contribution to popular culture.



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