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Before L. M. Skerjanc was twenty years old, he already presented himself with his first compositions, clearly proving that a productive and really talented artist emerged. In the fifty years that followed he wrote a great number of works. Except for opera they included all types of compositions - from piano miniatures and songs, with many chamber, consert and symphonic works to a monumental cantata. Some ofhis compositions were first works of their genre ever written in Slovenia.
Lucijan Marija Skerjanc (1900 - 1973) was one of the leading representatives of Slovenian composers who through their works and pedagogic activities laid the basis for professionally flawless musical creativity in Slovenia. He was a musician of wide horizons and manifold interest, educated in Prague, Vienna, Paris and Basel. He was not only a composer and for many years a professor of composition at the Ljubljana Academy Music, ... but also a pianist, a conductor, a music publicust and a director of the Slovenian Philharmonia ...

... His artistic temperament is reflected most typically in predominantly dark coloured lyricism that declares itself in tunelful melodic lines and rich sound. As he said on his 70th birthday: "I have allways tried to reach the essence of whatever corresponded to my inner notion of music, ... I had a desire to use my own ideas in order to entlarge the stock of musical beauty I knew ..."

L. M. Skerjanc received many awards, among them twice the highest Slovenian national award - The Presern Prize, the Austrian Herder Prize, the French award "Palmes academique" and since 1949 he was a regular member od the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Danilo Pokorn (Translation: D. Velkavrh)


...He was an intelligent, witty man, in time sarcastic or ironic, but always - when it came to questions of music - an undisputed authority ... a cosmopolitan person and, in Slovene music life, a unique figure.

Primoz Kuret (Translated by: Alan McConnel Duff)



RTV Slovenija, Records & Tapes

SUITE IN THE ANCIENT STYLE for string quartet and orchestra (LD 1700)
CONCERT for violin and orchestra (LD 1700)
CONCERTONE for violoncello quartet (DD o3o6)
11 ETUDES for violoncello quartet (DD 0306)
SERENADE for the wind trio (DD 0148)
SONNET WREATH OF DR. FRANCE PRESERN for soloists, choir and orchestra (DD 0170)